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    Dr. Cannabi's Kali Mist - DIY Organic Soil - Medical Grow & Show

    thats just humic acid and a touch of fulvic , i always thought it was just that or nitrozome foliar but u get 80 lts min.the promo guys were just grinning not high bored so gave me last 5 bottles , but i got the feeling they were so bored stock gone ,nothing left so can go eat or have a...
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    Light Addict's Fluxing Central - Featuring The Original Flux Journal

    Not tryin to be nasty but ive read a few flux , whats that mean ? curious , i mainline and theres none of the constant wasted time involved to basically mess with the plants consonantly having to wait till she stabilizes each time , mainlining its done within the 1st 4 weeks , faster once u...
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    TassieDevil's - Indoor - DIY - Bag Seed - What The Fluxing Learning Curve - Stage 1

    Re: TassieDevil's - Indoor - DIY - Bag Seed - What The Fluxing Learning Curve - Stage Cheers mukka. Made a lot of sense. Chat soon just one foot in front of the other. We'll arrive there for definite if our humors are in balance.:-)
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    Multi-Strain - Multi-Media - LED - Grow

    Re: Green Dreamz - Multi-Strain - Multi-Media - Multi-LED - Grow Result deserved for MOM , obviously a man worthy of this accolade, more power to your elbow bruv.
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    Lady Bud's 1st 420 Grow - Delicious Seeds Cotton Candy

    Oh but you know how well they can , sorry just thinking. ..........;-)
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    Lady Bud's 1st 420 Grow - Delicious Seeds Cotton Candy

    Above post relates to post#558:circle-of-love:
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    Lady Bud's 1st 420 Grow - Delicious Seeds Cotton Candy

    Oh Shawnee huni , bring it on !
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    Lady Bud's 1st 420 Grow - Delicious Seeds Cotton Candy

    Great hearing bout ur getting together, sorry to lower the tone but for me it was 15 year olds having a kneetrembler in the alley after a few bottles of cider and a couple of tuinol (barbs) oh so innocent we were , your romance has pure Americana , only cars we had were TDAs that shows my...
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    Casey Jones #2

    Nice to see a great turn around , sorry bout your railings, got mine smashed out , not all but even 4 is hard living with and most dentists are butchers working part time on teeth , unless u got 1k spare to fix up. Need to earn me loads of paper and get sorted. Keep the faith my friend
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    Akisunni Outdoor NorCal Winter/Spring 2015 Grow

    Looking good, I'm not sure if you have some PM issues, also a bit of training and definitely some topping will increase ur harvest. The solar power system sounds expensive to do all u want , maybe over ur side things are much cheaper. Keep all dead material off and do a 5 day bug check, so u...
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    Akisunni Indoor Cold & Hot Grow Zones

    I remember saying that mites will hide , overwintering in cracks ect ,1 thing I still can't see is an exhaust fan , it will help so much , must talk about the control system maybe I could pm you ? Always isolated any clones u buy and give them a neem spray .it's worth investing in fresh clean...
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    Mono Grows a Pound

    I've checked it out at DP but never read any reports, from ur journal seems like u have plenty of space and a pure night sky u can see the milky way in , last time I grew outdoors it just got too damp a pm came calling about a month b4 harvest and at 2.3 m I couldn't bring inside. I wanna try...
  13. susat66

    Mono Grows a Pound

    To pull a unit outdoors u must be in the gulf stream as I'm at 51 degrees and last decent season was 2009 , it's just to erratic but I'll still put something hardy and pm resistant out any pointers ? And wish you all the best for this coming season. :thumb:
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    Jinn's Coco Hempy Harem 2014

    Glad 2 c ur still running on gas, if anything is possible I've left an interference mind device( solely for the unwelcome visitors) at all ur points of entry. I'm sure you'll be dried and packed b4 u get any negative post. Ive have my head stormed (14 handed , armed, in UK) and doors and...
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    Akisunni Indoor Cold & Hot Grow Zones

    Definitely sativa for you. 1 thing I can't stress enough is outdoors stays outdoors And indoors fresh new mediums, and definitely a air circulation system( cleaning air from groom completely and replacing it with fresh air with a bug mesh on it. KISS ur doing great, above are totally...
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