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    Please help!

    Does any1 know of any dispensaries in sacramento that have good prices on 8ths or oz's?
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    Will these ingredients damage my ladies?

    I bought some castile soap with the intention of controlling a mold problem with my plants. The stuff I bought has a lot of different ingredients and Im curious if whether or not these other ingredients are good for my plants. This is what the soap bottle says: "Dr. Bonner's Magic Soaps...
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    Possible mold solutions?

    "Tea Tree Oil Spray A spray made with tea tree oil makes for very effective fungicidal control against plant mold. Mix well together 1 tsp. of tea tree essential oil and 1 tsp. of liquid castile soap with one gallon water. Spray the mixture on the topsoil and plants to get rid of mold...
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    Seeds & flowering

    Do seeds form at the end of flowering (the last few weeks) or do they progress as the flowers do over a 2 month period?
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    Seed formation?

    I was wondering if anyone can show me what a forming seed pod looks like at its early stages, or point me in the right direction. A second, more direct question is do seed pods form from hairs like the other parts of the bud? THANKS ahead! ps...before anyone asks for a pic...I want to...
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    Drying question?

    After harvest, do u have to hang the whole plant upside down to dry or can you cut the branches and hang them separately? Thanks ahead for any info!!
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    Metal and PH?

    I was wondering, does galvanized metal change the pH of soil? Im thinking of putting up galvanized metal tomato fences around my ladies but Im scared that metal will mess up my pH. Please help! Thanks in advance 4 any help! =)
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    Hay smell while curing?

    I am trying to get rid of that hay smell that sometimes accompanies drying buds. I am following the curing process that I have read from many websites...hang upside down in a dark place for 2 weeks with lots of ventilation, when the stems start 2 "snap" when I bend them I take the plant down and...
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    Salt or Mold?

    I see this white stuff on the edge of the rapid rooter....is it mold or is it just salt build up? Please help!!!! And thanks in advance for any helpful info!!!!
  10. salt or mold

    salt or mold

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    Bud hair question

    Is there any way to keep the hairs on your buds (or i think the correct term is pistols) white? The brown color is not so pleasing to the eye ya know? I am aware this is part of the "natural" cycle, but is there a way around it??? = ) Thanks in advance for any helpful advice!
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    Canna Oil help?!

    I have 2 ounces of "powder" and I would like to know, when making cannabis oil, will powder material take less time to cook than regular shake material? This is my 2st attempt at oil and I was also wondering how long is the recommended cooking time for oil? I wanna get it right.
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    Asking landlord about indoor medical grow?

    Hey I have been wondering whats the best "word usage" when asking your landlord about growing your meds indoor or outdoor?
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    Does this reccomendation exempt me from the limits law?

    I need some help here please. This doctors reccomendation states that I am exempt from the LOCAL limits right? Or am I not understanding these words correctly? It looks like it states the "limits law" and spells out in detail how I am EXEMPT from the limits. Ughhh, PLEASE HELP
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