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    Sour Jack

    It doesn't look like anything amazing, but you really gotta smell this stuff. It stinks up my entire room through my container!
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    To me man...It doesn't look all that good, but one think I will say is that it's all relative to your location and personal opinion. I mean, sometimes you get a bag that doesn't look to impressive...or it's short and it's easy to get disappointed over something like that. But at the end of the...
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    Sour Jack

    Jack Herer x Sour Diesel
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  7. Sour Jack

    Sour Jack

  8. Sour Jack

    Sour Jack

  9. Sour Jack

    Sour Jack

  10. Sour Jack

    Sour Jack

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    My newest addition!

    It's okay skunk. Hanging on in quiet desperation is the english way. ;]
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    My newest addition!

    I was waiting for someone to pick out that fatal flaw....Yes, the single broken diffuser it's truly only a 3 arm diffuser. ;[ However, that thing retails for 290...Whoever would happily pay that price for a component to a larger piece is beyond me, but I was happy to take it lightly...
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    My newest addition!

    After searching for awhile and price scalping...I've managed to assemble something I am quite proud of. 18 inches tall 5mm thick ice pinches diffused downstem 4 chamber perc/ash catcher with diffusers on the ends of those individual tubes Pulls extremely smooth with limited drag, really...
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    Should I Buy This Piece?

    I went to Primal Expressions and I couldn't have been happier with a headshop. Awesome customer service, great store, great prices. I got that baby beaker for 180, plus he threw in a bunch of extras. Would recommend!!
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    ROOR or ZOB?

    I would go with the Roor, that is...if each tube was entirely equal (thickness, downstem, bowl, height, beaker/straight). For 120 i'm assuming thats an American Roor...or a really basic label? Most people will assume that choosing a 'designer' tube like Roor is just following the crowd or...
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