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    The newest addition

    I buy all my pieces from bobs , kinda pricey, but good selection
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    My newest addition!

    I know it's old but, 230$ for thAt is awsome I'dpay that for it used, in r.i it would b like 350 without the sick ac
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    Outdoor flowering

    1 of my female plants shot out white pistols 2 days ago.. How long u til buds come
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    CannaButter In 7 Easy Steps!

    But I'd reccomend freezing until it seperates n the butter forms n hardens a lil n then let it go in the fridge for like an hr n a half or two hrs,
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    CannaButter In 7 Easy Steps!

    I just did it using this recipe it's great!!
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    CannaButter In 7 Easy Steps!

    Any one????RoorRip
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    CannaButter In 7 Easy Steps!

    I'm making as we speak... Do I hav to simmer until the bud is no longer green
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    Comment by 'Thcgoblin420' in media 'Photo-00991'

    Wierd.. I've never seen one like this
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    How Can I Get Rid Of These Whiteflies?

    thanks I've ben lookin for natural pesticides that can be home made
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    Fire Crackers Tutorial w/Pics!

    You can get high off eating weed .... Trust me Ive dunn it
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    Comment by 'Thcgoblin420' in media 'Cannabutter'

    Does it make it good? And also do I put the butter in the boiling water along wit the buds
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    My first DWC bucket grow

    I'd say probably light defficiancy
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    New piece 08-01-09

    It filters out to many chemicals and dirt?... L0l ... But na I feel u.. Try getin one wit a carb u mite like better
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    Caesar's FIRST outdoor grow!

    U can put the germinated seeds rite insoil,i use pots, and use like eggshells and potato skin in the soil for extra nutes and nitrogen/ co2
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