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  • Thanks Butcher
    reps from anyone who can produce bud like yours means something. much appreciated.
    had a mis hap with it this morning. my carbon filter was hanging above my plants and came crashing down over one of the pots. smashing the pot to pieces but luckily not damaging the plant. whoops
    I heard that d.d is suppose to produce huge. LOve to say from experience but never had the pleasure of growing that strain. Purple urkle..mmm is all i can say about that strain, it BOMB!! Thats a strain i want to cross with some others, as soon as i can get a hold of it then its on for sure, but anyways cant wait to hear or see how your grow comes out.
    Thanks for all your help. the only strain i have is purple urcle. not a very high yielding plant. will be looking in to getting the NLxBB sounds interesting. i have a strain called donkey dick on it's way so will be interesting to see how that goes. apart from the purple urcle the only other strains is random bag seed that i have tried but the purple urcle seams to be a nice smooth and potent strain is why i have stuck with it.
    Description :
    Northern light x Big bud cannabis seeds. Big bud is one of the oldest commercial cannabis flowers crossed with a great Northern Light. Northern light x Big bud delivers more big strong flowers, more yields and more of that delightful Northern light quality. Northern light x Big bud cannabis produces a light fruity flavor, smooth light smoke and a good strong high. She will flower with a great skunky smell.
    Type : Mostly Indica
    Yield : up to 17.5 ounces / 500 grams m2
    Height : up to 31.5 inches / 80 cm
    Flowering period : 9 to 10 weeks
    Harvest : end of September
    Stoned or High : Stoned - indica body buzz
    THC level : strong 15% - 20%
    Grow difficulty: Easy/Moderate

    The reason i suggest this is if your running low veg time and want bigger yeilds this is a good way to go. I've grown this before not insane but yeilds heavy.Its mostly indica so it will squat more, but it will give you a good yield. i cant remember what cross arae you working with right now?
    It was a super silver haze but the pheno wasn't as potent as the others were. Just produced some massive buds. I would use something that produces heavy but is nice and potent maybe a nothern lights x big bud. Heres some info:cant send this info to long of a message so check the next one it has all the ifo on the strain.
    well it's kinda hard to say its been a while, but it was either week 3 or 4 i remember that much. And yeah i ran them under 24/0 due tho knowing they would take longer to root. I like your idea. Yeah that would be sick to see, if they all came out that heave, hell i'd be doing that from now on. Now you got me thinking i would like to see some thing like big bud or god bud something thas a natrual heavy yeilder, can you imagine that they already need stalks to hold them up as it is..hmmm..i thtink i may have to get some of that strain now..well someday i got hella lot going on as it is, but thats definetly one for the future.so you get seeds with your m.mj card. Damn, hell yeah i wish it was that way out here.Keep in touch with me on this whole thing maybe when i get some of the first F1's we'll have to see how the strain would do out there.
    hey butcher. got a few more questions i hope you can help me with. when you took your cuttings from the flowering plant can you remember what week the plant was in when it was taken. i'm thinking that it would have been around week 3, after the plant has started to stop stretching? and were th cutting put under 24\0 for the first few weeks till they took root? i am extremely interested in this idea and can see a room FULL of small plants with massive buds!!! thinking i might do my first grow journal via your idea's.
    ok thanks for that. i took a cutting from a flowering plant a few weeks ago and it has taken a long time to root. but has finally rooted so last night i potted it and put it under 12 hours. hopefully I'll get them same result. Cheers for that
    yeah but that one plant in particular went from a clone cut from a flowering plant and once roots were etablished then i put her back into flower from the clone box. it works pretty damn good, the down side is that the waiting period is longer when it comes to roots being developed. But yeah i got other picts and situatiuons in which i went straight to flower.It gives good results. I definetly suggest a sativa dominite strain. They will yeild good and the stretch will make a big difference in final yield. And more thing, if you have the budget, this is not necessary, dutchmaster liquid light with their penetrator will definetly help out with final weight as well. These are some tricks that i've learned over the years, to produce a good harvest quick. Hope this helps out.
    hey butcher. just saw some photo's of yours that were in the "poor, stealth, maybe a bit of luck" grow journal and was wondering if you had any other posts of the where you went straight from cutting to 12/12? as that seams interesting as i have been trying to do something simmilar by putting in 8 plants of a small size like than to see results. but only got 2oz from my 8 where as you said you received 2 oz from 1? cheers moe323
    hey btw do you know anything about the lumens and how many should you have ect. any info would be appreciated, thanks
    also what furtilizer is the best for blooming in soil?
    oh yeah forsure! i dont clone males unless its for breeding purposes, but even then i only clone males to give to friends to breed.
    you won't regret it, post pics if you can or p.m me if you start i DEFINETLY would want to keep tabs..You have my upmost respect for trying that out. it takes talent to work those systems, and dail em in.
    Yes I built one and it worked really well until I noticed how hot the res was getting. I will have to get a cooler to cool down the res and try again..
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