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    Jack 47 - Super Lemon Haze - Hydro LED Scrog

    Re: Jack 47, Super Lemon Haze - Hydro LED Scrog w/ BPN! Hi az, nice little grow you've got there.:smokin: Normally, I'd think you'd be better in a tent with modular ScrOG instead of such a large, one-frame screen, but that particular tent opens up on the sides/back also to allow access for the...
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    What are common mistakes made by first time growers?

    Well said, O exalted ruler of all Asgard. ;) I liked that so much, I went and made a motivational poster out of it...enjoy! (Yes, the 'doo is also part of the sculpture...you can thank the artist) Yep - one can always save Tinkering with stuff for later. :) TS my friend, I often find...
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    Legalizing Marijuana Could Save Thousands of Lives

    +1. And now Canada's Ministry of Health is trying to do the same thing - privatize (corporatize) distribution of marijuana and make it illegal for individuals to grow, while mandating that all patients receive it by prescription from only licensed, big-business farming concerns. History has...
  4. The Internet - Loaded With Bullshit

    The Internet - Loaded With Bullshit

    The Internet - Loaded With Bullshit
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    When to swap from 6500K to 2700K CFLs when switching to 12/12

    Depends on how much of a stretch you want, HTH. Some folks will do 1/2 and 1/2 for the first three weeks of flowering (i.e. 'the stretch'), and either keep the either-or configuration, or go all low-K spectrum after that. Keeping the 6500K lights through this period and then switching over...
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    Munki's "Al Naturale" Autoflower Outdoor Escursion - 2011

    That's because, like Huey Lewis, you're just too hip to be square! :) ...Your tap water's a Teabagger? :11: Gotta watch out for those Republicans. They're here to keep you poor and KILL you... but not before they make as much money off you as possible. :surrender: It's a war, and the good...
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    420 Mag Members Discount - LED Grow Lights

    Hi GG, interesting site. Seems the (generally) educated ramblings of folks like GA and myself don't go completely unheeded by everyone in the 'industry'. N'est ce pas? Care to share whose chips and what bins you're actually using? I take it these aren't quite GD+. There's still a...
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    Gator's Cage

    Nice work there, G-man! Some right sticky-icky. Pineapple is my favorite fruit, too. :bravo: (my favorite flowers are orchids) One o' my lights used to have an old capacitor that started up pretty much the same way. ;) Not to be a Rube, but wha' inna hell kinda contrapshun iz thayut? Some...
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    Munki's 576 Watt LED & Hempy Style Flower Power

    Some sweet bud and root porn, Munki. Bet you'll be happy with those. ;) Nice, looks a bit like Flo: (Flo under LEDs. Kinda spacey...and strange. The Doc can attest. :bong: ) ...Or any Middle-America retiree wife you might see at a diner or rest stop having lunch with hubby with the Winnebago...
  10. Flo-Alice


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    300W LED vs. 400W HID Demonstration

    Re: 420 Cannasumer Reports Competition - GrowLEDHydro 300w LED vs. 400w HID +1 for using the word 'whippersnappers' in a sentence. Us old curmudgeonly geezers appreciate it. ;) Gong! :) More Canterbury Tales...didn't know they had a new one out. Nice JITL imagery, too. I suppose if 2012...
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    Munki's 576 Watt LED & Hempy Style Flower Power

    Sorry to hear about your PM issues, Munki, that sucks. Are you going into the LED business yourself mate? "Funky Munki Lighting"?
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    Ex-Cop Snatches Up Marijuana Web Domains

    You push a verdant agenda, just not one that anyone here actually believes in. Well, ain't that special. Bet your parents are proud. Congratulation$.
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    Prop. 19 Goes Up In Smoke

    Time to start working on Prop 20. ...Call it one-upmanship. ;)
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    DocBud's Medical Grow

    Nice pics Doc, hope it leads to a good harvest! Staking up your plants is a good problem to have. I know you didn't flush the coco starting out, do me a favor and flush them all thoroughly again with just RO. Let's see if they can finish strong at least. Being comfortable with something can be...
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