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    The Emperor's New Grows - Canad Goes Perpetual Indoors with Coco!

    looking good man... I think you'll be pleased with the mars pro's.... they seem to be doing some impressive things even the epistar's... nice plant by the way... have you picked a name for her yet? haha I usually name mine... call me crazy..
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    Carlito21's Pineapple Chunk - DWC - 2015 Journal

    Bro drop thag h202 crap... find your a old water cooler... you know the ones you find in offices that dispense cold water..... rip the guts out of it and put the cooling element into your res.... bam now you got a cheap effective controlable cooler... and it has a thermostat so you control how...
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    Consequences of cultivation

    Its dumb... theyre busting all the ops in my area.... they have the army in doing it....
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    Health Canada To Actively Monitor Marijuana Advertising

    They want to groom it for a corporate cash cow.... can no one see this?
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