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  • no problem bayarea: hope you got what I was trying to articulate , I was a bit medicated myself. lol
    New Options also got their hash back , the detectives have returned all meds including hash with incredible time, the fastest time perhaps in American history. They have been a real big help the police and DA office. they even gave the HASH back, now that's amazing, coz they could've been sued as well
    New Option Wellness got all of their meds back from the POLICE with no hinderances whatso ever. They were very cooperative!
    Hi soniq420: i took a leave of abstinence for awhile, my dispensary just got robbed and they took all. including kidnapping, cash, hash, and stash, lots of meds are gone,including charges of assualt to kidnapping, it's definatly headlines here in Co. Other than that I am peachy. Hope you are very well.
    THanks for your thoughts soniq.
    No problem Tin...If you got one from me, you deserved it... Peace to you my friend..
    In the back is grandaddy purple, bubba kush, jack herer kief, and ak-47 hash. Oh happy day! Take care.
    I just wanted you to know that I'm proud of you for your off site efforts to spread the word. I wish more of us would follow your example.

    Also, Sabin is correct in the previous post. You can check out the reply I left you on my profile page also.
    I read your message on "High" site, he wrote me to see how i was doing. I then saw your email to him on copy rights. I was told, just say you copied from the internet an article, the bottom of that page would be the news place and copy code, or whatever, i heard as long as you include all that info so they get the credit, you will have done nothing wrong. You were just passing a story along the way. If you only show the article, and no copy right stuff, you don't include it, then you could be in trouble. Not to scare you. It's what I heard when I needed to pass and article along to friends and family. Good Luck peace
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