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  1. nepal pollen

    nepal pollen

  2. tintala

    Should Coloradans Pass Proposition BB?

    Agreed, I will vote in favor of state keeping the taxes, but lets hope some of the crack smoking City council in Boulder don't buy new BMW or Mercedes and take mexican vacations, we all know Boulder City council nothing but a farce without common sense or compassion.
  3. tintala

    Legalize Ganja for Nepal Tourism Year 2011

    Cannabis Tourism would boost an influx to Nepal, the best destination for all things HEMP and cannabis, the best hash in world, and the best Himalayan views, however , since living in Kathmandu part time for the past 12 years, I have experienced the terrible infrastructure and "load shedding"...
  4. tintala

    Cannabis In Nepal

    there is a new facebook page called 'SAVED NEPAL LIBERATE CANNABIS" i am an adminstrator on, please check us out, we are trying to educate NEPALESE and the world about it's cannabis heritage and move forward to re-legalize cannabis in Nepal...lot's of great info about Nepal, you won't find a...
  5. tintala

    COLORADO mmj

    The patient has to set you as their caregiver, there is NO liscense... the state takes the paper work and registers it... but they don't send out a laminated photo liscense to anyone. Also the dispensary will 1st need a sample , everybody and their puppy has moved to CO to start a grow store...
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    Orange Kush
  7. og_kush4


    MEDICAL Orange Kush
  8. tintala

    As Dispensaries Pop Up, Denver May be Pot Capital, U.S.A.

    and it's getting worse every month. the other day I went to a local grow store after coming back from Nepal, and I had to wait a half hr to buy 10 net cups. Not to mention all the ppl trying to get served first by cutting in line, I mean, come on , now I really really hate going to the grow...
  9. tintala

    Quantum T5 Badboy

    great idea!
  10. tintala

    420 Magazine's Nug of the Month Contest: January 2010

    what strain is that ? looks like barney purple. Looks great!
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    Anslinger And Mellon Connection

    a little bit of research would allow you to see the points and history of hemp grown in the usa in PRE- USA days, just because you havent heard about BEN's farming and paper mill and the conspiracy doesn't mean it's silly. You should try researching womens stockings too, as I did. Then you would...
  12. tintala

    Industrial Hemp Is Still Marijuana, Court Rules

    INDUSTRIAL HEMP IS STILL CONSIDERED A SCHEDULE 1 while M***, C***, and H*** are schedule 2 , you receive a less punishement according to the schedules for these substances. SO hemp is more dangerous than man made chemicals.
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    As Dispensaries Pop Up, Denver May be Pot Capital, U.S.A.

    I believe right now there are about 20 dispensarie in Boulder which is about 150,000 pop. it's crazy here! at one time when you went to a grow store you may see 4 or 5 people, now, the lines are out the door at the grow stores , i mean a once quiet dead grow store in 6 months is freakin slammed...
  14. tintala

    Anslinger And Mellon Connection

    are you saying this article is wrong or the link you posted? To ad to this i have copied another post here at 420: When the new hemp ventures began to emerge as a real threat to the wood pulp paper industry in 1935, the Federal Bureau of Narcotics launched its final assault against...
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