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    1 big light or multiple?

    I bought an LED light thinking I would replace my cmh . Not so. Between the 2 fixtures my coverage area is excellent. With some ladies taller than others you can lower one instead of both. Each have removable drivers and I mounted them outside the room to help with heat.
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    3rd grow looking for feedback thanks

    Looking good to these amateur eyes! Nice!
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    Watch to choose

    I have a Phantom digital with no complaints. The ballast mounted outside the grow room is a plus for heat elimination. Best of luck! T
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    My untrained eye

    Thanks! It’s way clearer with better photos. I’ll give the suspects a while longer before chopping. T
  5. TLC

    My untrained eye

    Thanks. My birthday’s coming up. Maybe a real camera is in my future. I can wait to chop. It’ll be more obvious the more mature they get I assume. Thanks again T
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    My untrained eye

    Here’s a couple more, comparing the 4 I have going , these 2 look suspect. These are balls?
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    My untrained eye

    Thanks Ape and Stunger. I wasn’t sure if I was early or not. I’ll keep my eye on them and work on my photography skills. The autofocus is tricky.
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    My untrained eye

    Thanks, I got 2 more if you could take a look. The first set were OG Kush. This set is a Power Plant and a Northern Lights. Thanks for your help!
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    My untrained eye

    Thanks. I figured out the ‘macro’ mode for my iphone but I still get lousy pics.. I’ll have to keep my eye on them. Not sure what age they show and when it’s too late.
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    My untrained eye

    a few days into flower. I’ve always grown feminized seeds till now. It’s hard for me to recognize the sex. I got the beans for free but still regret popping them because of the risk..
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    Manual light mover

    I spin my plants a few times a day. I don’t move the lights but the same idea.. I got in the habit when I had not-quite enough light coverage. I’ve added lights since, but I still rotate 2-3 x per day.
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    Buying seeds in the US?

    Grower’s Choice in USA
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    Mars-Hydro TSL-2000: Unboxing & Installation

    I added mine to room (5x3) when I first got it. One end Cmh the other Mars TSL2000. Didn‘t want to wait. Left drivers inside room. No dimming. They read about 145 degrees F after running all day. Lots of variables to that. I will move them outside the room for next batch.
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    PH pens making me nuts

    I gave up on ph pens and decided to stick with the old fashioned method..
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    How hot do CMH style lights get & light options?

    Mounted on a 80 degree plywood wall, the ballast (running all day) reads 140 degrees.
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