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    Build Your Own LED Grow Light

    So I was thinking 12x 3000K 288 lm301b board with Meanwell HLG-H600B as a power source? Cooled with 6 Cooler Master 120mm silent CO fans (Red circles) whilst the boards would be mounted on three 300x1000mm heatsinks held together on aluminium frame (Orange boxes and black box). I was thinking...
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    O.G. Kush Organic Soil Grow

    Looking lovely, I don't use any flower enhancers, so I cannot help you with that. Sry mate.
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    Do I Need Fertilizer? Outdoors

    Me, personally, I don't like the taste of buds that have been grown on fresh manure. We used to grow in some home made compost and mulch, that has been sitting for a year at least. We mixed it with sand and peat and whatnot was at hand. Then we used nettles and other various greens together with...
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    O.G. Kush Organic Soil Grow

    Nice man, let them dry and remember the weight of the pot and water them less, they don't really need damp soil that much. Keep up the good work.
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    O.G. Kush Organic Soil Grow

    Thanks man, few things that crossed my mind. You can water less and more often trying to figure the optimal soil humidity as roots need some dry times to grow. You should not worry when the leaves get lil droopy and work from there. And water PH at 6,3 it seems to me quite low for soil, I got...
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    O.G. Kush Organic Soil Grow

    Hello sir, I have few questions: How often and how much you water? Note that regular watering is must for healthy and happy plants (I personally think you over-watered them/ over fed) If you have humus rich organic/pre-fertilized soil, how come you feed them so early, and what you feed them...
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    Birdie's Return To Life

    Hello Birdie, I'm glad to see you well and growing. I personally cannot do what you do and it cheers me up when others are having fun, and success. Long time no see, I've heard you got some problems, hopefully all is well and peaceful now in your world. I was not able to contribute as I was low...
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    Mouser's Perpetual Grow

    Yo, Mouser great to see you up and running, great ladies you got there. The blue dream is going for the blue dreaming I see :D Have fun and good luck.
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    AngryBird's Perpetual Organic Garden, T8 Lights, Homemade Food

    Great! Glad to hear you are well and happy. :circle-of-love:
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    Hey Stage: Where Ya Been? Fall 2017 420 Perpetual

    Dropping in, the girls look absolutely Amazing. What are your usual brix levels? Cheers!
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    Mouser's 2018 Grow: Harlequin x Kosher Kush Reg Seeds

    Yo mouser nice thread! My friend from Exotic Seeds told me he crosses the females with smallest males he can get. Maybe he is up to smth. He grows like 5000 plants a year :D I wish you good luck and I´m pretty very interested what you end up with.
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    Cottage 420's Organic Perpetual Indoor Garden

    I know Bob was talking about not measuring PH at all. I did not measure water from water tank, it was 7,4+ and it showed on the plant. I suggest you at least know PH of the water you water with. That's my 2 cents to the argument. Good luck. :circle-of-love:
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    Mouser's Perpetual Grow

    Lovely, I wonder how is that main cola on Jack gonna fatten up. :thumb::circle-of-love:
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    Brix! The Quest For Grade AAA Organic Cannabis

    Thank you Farmer. I had the light tested against 600W top of the line HPS (same environment, same mother, same feeding line) with the COBs winning all the way. The flip was 10 days before HPS for example. In 3x3 6 chips at 600W. I got them in 3000K no reflectors, 100W each Citizen CLU58...
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