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    Win Purple Lemonade From Gorilla Seeds

    This is NOT an entry - f*ck Fast Buds - but wanted to welcome you back to the forum. Er... Welcome back to the forum!
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    Micro box heat source

    That'd be eight square feet of area, lol. And 56 cubic feet of volume.
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    H00k Shitz Brix & A Couple Of Other Things: Girlz 2019

    Too bad you couldn't ship yourself some "furniture and other home goods" via one of the common carriers. I suppose it'll all be nicely cured when you return home, though.
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    Made butter out of trim

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    20 days soil is still wet

    Hmm... Cannabis in "houseplant pot" - Pulls bottom drip-catcher off container, throws into nearest trash can. Heats straightened coat hanger on kitchen stove until red hot, uses it to melt several more holes into bottom of container. Bag of soil from store - cuts with perlite to 75% soil, 25%...
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    Dem proposal

    That's all bullshit. I mean it's nice and all... But still bullshit. This isn't a f*cking consumer product issue, lol - it's a legal one. And it's really, really simple: The entire basis for cannabis' "illegal" status on the federal level, the whole justification (if that word even fits here)...
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    First time grower

    No, they actually look great for plants being grown under a single 14-watt CFL light bulb. I did, of course, have to guess at your lighting, because all that stuff appears to be some kind of big secret. Therefore, the possibility exists that I have guessed incorrectly. Oh well, lol; that...
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    First time grower

    Please consider supplying us with some relevant information. See: https://www.420magazine.com/community/threads/how-to-ask-for-grow-support.83620/
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    Getting Clone

    The three I kept on top of my medicine cabinet in small Styrofoam coffee cups stayed there for a year and two or three months, if I remember correctly. That was TWO CFLs, lol (but they were only 14-watt ones). I saw lots of leaf drop. On the other hand, I watered them very rarely and fed them...
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    Getting Clone

    Be better to take the cutting (or a couple) NOW. As for light and space, lol, you can root and maintain a cutting with a small CFL in a shoebox. After all, even after it roots, it'll still be a small plant.
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    Medicine availability when traveling is a problem

    Can you still send whatever you want to just about any hotel in the world (addressed to yourself), show up, and say, "I had my study materials (etc.) sent here because I had originally intended to stay here while on vacation, but my silly {SPOUSE} booked the wrong hotel. May I have my package...
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    Why are my plants showing sex?

    I'd be worried, too... ...if your plants are only just now displaying their sex, lol. Relax - they showed you that you're not growing males ;) .
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    Hempy Headquarters

    If I remember correctly, low temperatures can cause magnesium-related issues, too.
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    The Legion of Doob: Perpetual Chaos

    Thereby proving that doing drugs is a whole lot easier than rebuilding an automatic transmission :rolleyes: .
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