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    Pot in Prison - an insight into reality

    Pretty cool read, at least I know I can still smoke weed if I ever go to prison. I don't plan on going but good to know.
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    AK-47 Strain - Need Advice

    Re: AK-47 Strain...Need Advice Oh and for your questions... 1. Probably closer to tripling in size, especially if its sativa dominant which I believe AK is. 2. The smell is very strong, even before flowering it will make your house reek. One small flowering plant can stink up your house...
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    AK-47 Strain - Need Advice

    Re: AK-47 Strain...Need Advice Ya I have never grown it, but have heard from friends who have that is produces well and is an awesome strain to grow. It stinks real bad and the high is awesome. Seems to be good for pain and depression.
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    420 Magazine's Plant of the Year: 2011

    Beautiful plants everyone! Muggles, how much did that plant yield? Looks like a monster.
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    Weird tips on seedling

    At this point I would say let it grow out for a little while and see what happens. Its so young at this stage that it could clear up on its own once those leaves grow out a bit. It could also be remnants from the seed casing or some part of it?
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