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    What do you do with your weed after you vape it?

    Is there enough active THC in the flowers after the vaporization to make it worthwhile to try and make a batch of butter? I guess it also depends how someone vaproizes it, and/or at what temperature and for how long.. Right?
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    Lucky Me

    The last shop I worked at, it was very family involved. And almost everyone smoked! It was pretty cool, no fear of descrimination.
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    Concealing the smell

    I just bought some Blunt Block, so I will have to put it into use, and then ask a non-smoker to see if they can identify anything. I'll let you guys know in a week or two about my results! :smokin2::439:
  4. Seed with Grodan Delta Block

    Seed with Grodan Delta Block

    This is the biggest seed I have found in my smoking stash, next to a dime for comparison. Also in the picture is a Grodan Delta block, hopefully I can try and see if this thing will grow.
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    Ice Queen Cone

    That looks so good! Those are the nicest looking buds too!:51:I'd bong that weed so hard! haha
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    Front page missing some stuff ?

    Re: Front page missing some stuff ? ? ? ? ? I almost always go to the front page. Unless I have been pretty active in a thread, I would usually go to that first, and then i'd head back to the home page to see what's up with the news, see who's online, ect..
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    Clear V Regualr

    Not yet, but damn that would be super awesome. Do they even make them? Well, gotta keep my eye out for those just in case, haha.
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    Clear V Regualr

    This is exactly why I bought a pair for me, but since I can't roll, and these little shits are hella hard for even people I know, I stick to my little roller machine. It's not as nice as a King Size with I would prefer, but it gets the job done. =D:metal:
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    Clear V Regualr

    Those clear wraps are so amazingly cool! I have the SmokeClear King size one's. They are as long as a cigar or swisher, and it is really awesome to trip on when you are smoking it. You can see how everything resinate's ect.. (Sorry for the spelling):cool027:
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    Police Officer Steals Marijuana

    This is so hilarious!! Wow a cop calling dispatch.
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    Low Budget 1st Grow

    Re: Low Budget 1st Grow. I love how in the last picture of you showing the plant, the clock is also displaying 4:20 :laugh2: SMOKE ON:51:
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    Interesting thoughts you've had while stoned?

    What about space? Like really, there is NO boundaries... And if there were... Like what is BEYOND it? Its like its just an evergoing space... (Hint: Maybe its why they call it space, haha). Just though I would let that out.:headbang:
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    Whenever I roll, when I just finish breaking the bud, i'd take the 3 or 4 stems and just eat and chew them away. I'm the first out of all my buddies to start doing it, and probably still the only one that does it. I do it simply for the taste, and I like to chew on various things, so this is...
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    Sprouting a Seed

    I was very excited when I found the pre made hole, and just like you said, it was hidden. So now that answers most of my questions! So I will keep checking up on it for when it does crack open and sink, and i'll put it into the grodan cube. Now my question about putting it into soil. I've read...
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    Sprouting a Seed

    Here are they two pictures I told you guys I was going to put up. Now the 1st one is that Grodan stuff, and the 2nd is my weed, which I had sitting in a plastic container in less then 1/4 deep of water. I put it in there this morning, so I should check tomorrow if its cracked open a little bit...
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