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  • Right. I have to agree that fresh grown is always better than store bought...well, from most stores. A lot of people I know don't even like tomatoes, but when I make them try some homegrown, they flip for them. I'd say 95% of produce from the store was grown for shelf life and not flavor. Plus a lot of the time, the produce is weeks away from being ripe when it's picked and shipped. Food these days is terrible. That's why it's up to us to grow our own healthy supply of fruits and veggies. I'm converting a 10 acre plot on my farm into an orchard next year. It's going to take several years before it starts producing, but it will feed my family and friends for decades to come. Later, Oui.
    You sound like quite the culinary artist. We might have to swap recipes sometime. I'm sure the girls will be very satisfying when they're done. I'm starting to see a little frost on my buds. Peace.
    Hey TryingOui, I just had a helpful tip for you signature. I just noticed it in one of your posts. Anyway, If you put the = sign and don't close the bracket until the end of the html address, then you can name you Signature, then close with a /url tag. Looks something like this:

    ([)URL=your address] name of Signature ([)/URL(]) Just remove parenthesis. In text form: Bracket URL= copy/past member address close bracket Name Closing URL tag.

    Just makes your Sig more personable and appealing :3:
    Hey I can now send messages because I apparently posted 25 times...whew who...it is so hot here...you heard right...I am staying cool inside .....I hope to be visiting Co real soon....my girlfriend works at a ski resort there in loveland.
    I am thinking of growing outside...maybe the humid weather would be cool for some herb.
    I will have to plan over the winter and plant next year....I may need some advice!
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