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  • Your welcome... Thank you again.

    There are loads of alternative methods to ice extraction cheap and simple perfect for someone with loads of trim at the end of a nice harvest. One of them being famous gumby's method.

    Personly ice extraction is by far my favourite, Nicest taste, best high and it is very HIGH! ha I used sprung bags had them shipped from usa.
    Thanks for the add my friend.... I like the new avatar, it's original and personalized... I won't get you confused with someone else on here like I do with others who have the same pics.
    haha, love the new avatar. Glad I was able to inspire you a little to work on it - look what an awesome result came out of it. :thumb:
    Thanks for the reps 12, best of luck to you as well my friend.. Your ladies are beautiful , Keep doing what you do...
    Thanks for the +reps bro, and :goodluck: to you! That sure is a pretty lady you've got representin' this month.:thumb:
    Hey man, I was wondering if you could stop by my grow journal to give me some advice.. its trashy, but its all i've got right now.
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