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    Creating Female Seeds Using Colloidal Silver - With High Brix

    hey weasel, i started planting specific plants in a smaller pot. the same as the one above with my cross in it. so i have an lsd 25 and an amphetamine auto, each in one of those pots. easy to control, you can spray the entire plant. it doesn't get too big either. the aa is about 10 inches or so...
  2. unforgiven

    Unforgiven's - Picture-A-Day - Barney's Critical Kush - DWC

    thanks for all the well wishes guys n gals. been getting over it and dealing with life lol. this girl is doing great. measured her the other day at about 20" tall and 30" across. she has had a dozen clones taken from her so far. and still goin strong. not gonna post all the dadgummed numbers...
  3. unforgiven

    Creating Female Seeds Using Colloidal Silver - With High Brix

    hey folks, heres the result of my dta clone x bta pollen. and the first seed i pulled from a closed seedpod on a smaller bud of silvergirl 3. seeing this, i have harvested and am drying her now. will post again with final seed pic!!! have fun eh
  4. unforgiven

    Dutch Treat Auto Perpetual

    well lifes been busy with everything but here i am again...lol all the girls are doing great. some have been chop'd. lsd silver is producing pollen as is amp auto silver. one lsd 25 was pollinated at the bottom bunch of buds. this way if need be i can take the top of the plant for harvest...
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