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    Gravity, Purple Maxx, and Bushmaster

    I found this thread looking for info on bushmaster. I have used gravity and snow storm with great results and no ill effects. I've used it since it came out and that's been several years.
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    Soft bud?

    That was my first thought but i checked most of the larger buds and they look fine. Im going to keep an eye on it because it is my fattest plant so the rot can be on its way. Thanks for the input.
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    Soft bud?

    Hi all, I have a question, I have 8 B/F 8 ball kush budding for 63 days. There about a week untill i pull them but one of them have soft buds. All other plants are rock hard all the way to the bottom. Even this plant was hard as a rock before. I flushed them 5 days ago and thought that by next...
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    A question to Coco Coir users!

    HI, im a month into my grow and i started in soil. I then put them into 3 and 1/2 gal. pots. Im useing coco and they grow a lot faster than im use to and needs more watering. Ive beeen a soil grower for over 20 years and just stuck with what i knew, but ill only use coco for now on. I have to...
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    Thanks for the reply everyone. Im going to transplant this week sometime.
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    Has anyone ever switched from soil to coco in the same crop run? I have some kush in 1.5 gal containers, i want to try coco so i wanted to know if i could tranplant in to coco filled 3.5 gal containers without any problems. I have all the info i need for the coco grow i just need the do's and...
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    Dope-seeds are great

    It did freak me out but I had to get them. All went well. But again I would buy from dope- seeds again. So Jim if you read this come up with some low autos for me to try zng I'll be in touch. Thanks Discount cannabis seeds - marijuana (weed) seeds. A sponsored site
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    Dope-seeds are great

    I got my seeds from dope-seeds. Jim from dope heard and tracked them down for me, so thanks for everyones help and jim at dope is a great guy. Buy dope- thanks!!!!!:thankyou:
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    Short Stuff Seed info

    Thanks, it helped..
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    Short Stuff Seed info

    Hi, i just wanted to get any info on personal experiences with growing any of the short stuff strains. I have read all i can about them on the seed sites and looked on hear but would like some input from first hand growers. Thanks..
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    Old member checking in

    I joined this fourm in 2007 and been gone for a wile. Ill be growing again in a few months when i move and ill do a grow show for everyone. Nice to be back.
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    Im back

    Well all I've been gone for a bit but Im back to start up my winter grow. So I will see you guys and gals around. :peace:
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    Long time, good to hear from you.:peace:
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    First Time Grow - CFLs

    Re: First Time Grow - CFLs... If you paint your walls flat white or hang some mylar it would be more reflected in your space. Glossy white is not a good refective finish.:peace:
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    Electronic ballasts

    Mine has no heat and completely quiet but other than that I cat tell a difference between the two.:peace:
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