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  • Sorry i did not get back to you sooner. My wife has colon cancer for the second time this year... So i have been busy taking care of her. How are you doing ?
    LOL! Thankie you, Valhalla88. You know, every time I get a big headed ego trip about the size of my shrubbery, I run down the street and around the corner to a friend's place where his garden is always a good 5-7ft taller than mine...then the bubble bursts, and I become humble all over again. *LOL* :battingeyelashes: Yes, he inspires me to new heights every season, happy I have inspired you...*LOL*...good luck with your next grow! :ganjamon:
    Howdy valhalla. I'm expanding my friend's list on here. I really like this site, the way it's run, and the peeps who post here. I'm from IL and hoping we are the next state to make medical cannabis available legally.

    I checked out your pics and I'm curious how the lemon skunk turned out.
    How ya doing?
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