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    Could (and should) I use my stunted buds for edibles?

    Hey folks, Vargas here with a question about making edibles from my growth that went a bit overboard... I'll end up with plenty of buds that grew to the side and past the lights, they'll be white and gangly and barely smokable, but would they be strong enough for edibles? I made a batch of...
  2. VargasTheBlind

    Sending a smoke signal in the sky

    Greetings! I think I probably joined to get pushed towards a journal. I tried using this website, growjournals.net or something? Very strerile and apple-appy, felt like something for your own records instead of a conversation starter so here I am. I’ll start properly documenting my next grow to...
  3. VargasTheBlind

    Sending a smoke signal in the sky

    Hey Otter, thank you, good to be here! I added a bunch of shots from my first grow in my original post, here are the Malanas and Jacks...I'm so embarrassed :rip:
  4. Hi babies!

    Hi babies!

    Sure, they all look good in the beginning...
  5. Trained!


    Really proud of this main stem bend, shame it only worked once
  6. Getting worried

    Getting worried

    This is when I started to realize it wasn't gonna go as planned
  7. Out of control

    Out of control

    You can see the untrained Malana Bomb in the upper right, growing way past the light... :(
  8. Jack Attack

    Jack Attack

    Fell in love with the Jack Herers as soon as I saw the leaves
  9. Secret Garden

    Secret Garden

  10. In full flower

    In full flower

  11. Flower!


    I think this is the time they were starting to show hairs
  12. Coming along nicely

    Coming along nicely

  13. Full 121

    Full 121

    Went nuts when I saw the digits
  14. Ready


    I think this was right before chopping
  15. Sparklesssss


    I was so proud of myself
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