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    Quantum Board 600w intensity question

    So then if I go 900 watts draw for the last month of the grow I'd imagine good results with 12x boards.
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    Quantum Board 600w intensity question

    Ok so I have a light frame running 12x qb132 boards. The frame is perfect for a 4x4 tent where all plants would basically be under direct light. In order to save on money I adjust the drivers to 200w per row which is 3 rows of 4x panels. So that's 4 qb132s pumping out 200w. My question is...
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    PPM Question?

    Only time I would check soil runoff for ppm is if I wanted to be sure it's not super high for specific stages of growth. For example if it was 1 month old in veg and runoff was reading 1500 or more, I'd stop feeding and just use plain water for a couple watering before feeding again. If I saw...
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    Shaved her legs at day 21?

    i prefer to do mine after the stretch so i can accurately trim. If i were to trim during veg, you dont know whats actually going to reach up towards the top so something you cut off may have actually reached the top of canopy. my exception to this is if i know the strain im growing very well so...
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    Shaved her legs at day 21?

    Yes. Its when i go through my plants and cut off lowest limbs that will never get decent light or grow to be as plump/dense as the mid/upper parts.
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    Many yellow & orange spots on leaves

    At a quick glance i would think thats calcium deficiency. Your also using RO water and LED lighting which makes your plants even more hungry for calmag. Have you been adding 1 tsp of CaliMagic or a calmag supplement with your feedings? Calcium is a immobile nutrient meaning it wont take it from...
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    1st grow

    Looks good! On day 21 I'd open them up a bit with a light defoliation. Optional
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    Any GHE Floratrio user that could help me out?

    Same here. I do exactly what the schedule says for both hydroponics (RDWC) and soil. If I see tip burn I back off. Of I see deficiencies I feed twice in a row.
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    LST in early flower a bad thing?

    Personally I'd avoid it until day 21 when the stretch is done or mostly done. Any stress may stunt your plants stretch. If that's what your goal is however, then by all means.
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    Can I let the pots stay in the runoff plate until they're completely done?

    I would always leave my plants to sit in the 20% runoff and the smartpot absorbs it all within the hour. In soil not coco. Give it a try and see if yours do the same. Give them a good soak until youve got a good 20% runoff then stop and leave em for an hour. Just make sure when you water that...
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    Color change?

    Or place them in an enclosed area with a heater set to 70f
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    Color change?

    I think it's along the lines of if it's below 65f your leaves begin to turn purple as phosphorus is locked out due to the cold temps. Yours went waaay lower than 65f so who knows what else has been locked out but I'm fairly certain the white leaves damage is from the cold. Can you not bring them...
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    Color change?

    :eek: that's far too cold! I believe it's something along 65f at the very minimum you can go and may see white leaves from that.
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    Which leaves used to make hash?

    It's The sugar leaves (the smaller leaves covered in trichomes that are hugging the buds) after harvesting.
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    Color change?

    Indoor? Outdoor? How cold has it been at night?
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