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    My New Bong!

    Are you sure there not acryllic bongs? Plastic isnt good for you.
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    Urdedpal's Thread

    Re: Urdedpal's Contest--PLEASE VOTE NOW!!!! I vote for Teg.
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    Well known bands promoting maryjane on stage,seen any?

    If anyone went to Bob Marley Fest those guys were obviously smoking on stage.
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    Florida Crypee

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    Dazed and Confused

    Rolling Kansas was alright. It was quite boring at some parts though.
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    Try this the next time you roll a blunt

    Re: Try this the next time you roll a blunt. He probably noticed your signature.
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    NDW's New and Improved Hydro Grow

    Sorry, my mistake. I read up to page 11 and thought it was the last page.
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    NDW's New and Improved Hydro Grow

    Plants are looking nice. Keep up the good work man.
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    Window sill plant?

    Do you think a 2 litter bottle with the top cut off will be big enough?
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    Plant parting

    Sounds like you're gona have 2 main colas. You could have more if you decide to top it or use the FIM technique.
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    Window sill plant?

    If I were to plant an window sill plant now when would it flower and about how big will it be. Im trying to keep it small so I want about like a 12 inch-15 inch when done.
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    First Time Grower

    I think SCROG(Screen Of Green) is where you use chicken wire so the plant grows through it making it bushy. And SOG(Sea of Green) is when you have a bunch of small plants like 1 foot tall. Instead of a couple big ones.
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    Is going to sleep stoned a waste of weed?

    I have insomnia I have to smoke to go to sleep. Thats why I like sativas during the day and a strong indica at night.
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    What is Jack Herer?

    Same, it was really goood.
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