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    Hey group let me share my thoughts. The medical community has thrown my sweet lady under the bus saying there is nothing they can do for her in fact in order to get a second opinion on the subject I had to pester the doctors office to send Linda's medical records to OHSU for two weeks meaning...
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    New Here

    MY HEART GOES OUT TO YOU AND YOUR WIFE. My wife also has cancer and the medical community hasn't given her much hope but with the help of CajunCelt we have made some progress God Bless you and your wife
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    A Base Treatment Regimen For Cancer

    Cajuncelt is this the thread you where talking about? I don't know what tacking is or how to go about it God bless thanks for any help you can give me
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    Hello from Va

    :welcome::420:Yes I hear what oldergrower is saying about tobacco and how the 1% of the people with the money make the rules for us to live by makes you wonder if the 1% wants to cash in on cannabis too I know in Oregon they do any way nice plant keep up the good work and yes I also have...
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    New from great white north

    hey these people really do want you to succeed and all you need do is ask for help :welcome::high-five:
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    Hello from New Hampshire!

    :420::welcome:Djhoyos Always best to grow you're own you know what you got
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    Hi! I am a new member!

    :welcome: hope you enjoy this site as I do
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    First Timer Here - Micro Grow

    Welcome Jack W I am sure you will enjoy this site lots of friendly people who are willing to share their knowledge on growing :welcome:Also a funny thing happens here not only do your plants thrive but you also grow right along with them best of luck in every thing you might tackle
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    Hello from Florida!

    Hey Edpop 420 Welcome lots of friendly people willing to help j:welcome:
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    Grow Using Mars LED's - Not My First Though

    Hey little bro will stop by after 12 today love to be a test subject see you soon have questions for you about tags and links Oh i'm at about 24 inches
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