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  • Seems to always be an issue with each grow..PPM seems to be rising instead of falling.. Head is about to explode.
    I know this is going to sound sick but I dont test or adjust ph anymore.:9:
    I used to check it and make adjustments for my cloner but one time I tried it without making any adjustments and my clones rooted like they alway do so I quit messing with it. I think it runs around 6.
    For my plants I used Fox Farm and when it was blended my ph was at 7 which is ideal for soil so I never adjusted it.
    Now I'm using General Organics and there is no ph adjustment needed.
    When I grew hydo I kept my reservoirs at 5.8 and I've used both Hannah and Milwaukee testers. Both were great but I liked the Milwaukee better. Now my only testing tool is a roll of ph test tape that is still in it's package! :ganjamon::rasta:
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