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    How Do I Quick-Dry My Buds?

    I might be stoned but I ddin't see dehydrator. Is this a method that could be used to quick dry buds?
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    How Can I Minimize my Heat Signature?

    Yes law enforcement do use such devices. Heres the thruth. To use such devices it costs a lot of money. So, if no ones that you have a small grow in your house than no one is going to look. If you keep your mouth shut, grow for yourself, I feel that you'll be ok.
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    How Much Will I Yield?

    I agree with Smokey, "A loaded question.", indeed. It all depends how much you get involved with the plant. If you look after it's needs and can increase yield than go for it. But just asking the question isn't going to help you. Its how you learn to grow your plant. Look with -in yourself and...
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    Can I take a Cutting from a Plant in Flower?

    I tried to do the same thing. I found out the hard way that you can't take a clone from a flowering plant. Even if you have the clone under 24/0. To much stress for the plant to handle. Took 8 clones, all died.
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    Jorge Cervantes' or Ed Rosenthals' Bible?

    Gregg Green's bookis very good. It covers everything from seed to harvest.
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    Bagseed (bs)

    I've tried bagseed and it doesn't grow. I ordered seeds and they all grew. BGS doesn't grow unless kept in the correct conditions. I'm not giving up on all the seeds I have from BGS, but I have my doughts.
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    Don't know if having more helps or henders. I'm sticking to 18/6. That is what seems to work and I 'm all for that. I have heard of people that keep their lights on for 24/7. I don't thnk this is a good idea. Nature doesn't have it's lights on for 24/7.
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    Build a Grow Cabinet for less than $20

    White paint works better. Where are you going to hang the light? What kind of light are you going to use? Anything over 400watt needs to be air cooled.
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    New to Growing

    I'm using a FF product that is simlar to this product. Your right, the plants love it.
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    Need advise on hydroponic set-up

    Also would recommend spellcheck next time................
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    Mh veg grow

    Sorry I got them mixed up. But you answered my question. will try something this time.
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    Mh veg grow

    Can you grow a plant under a MH Lamp, 18/6, then change it to 12/12. MH gives off an orange lite where HPS give off a blue hue. I am wondering if growing under an orange lite will change the qualities of the plant?
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    Tincture: Alcohol and Glycerin

    I've been reading about Tinctures. I'm surprised that I haven't seen this part about heating it in a crock pot before. Will use this method. Thanks.
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    Mixing Nutes

    Re: Mixxing Nutes "The order in which the nutes are aded", really caught my attention. If the water is circulating, what's the difference. And your water should be circulating. My tubs hold between 3-6 gals of water. I don't seem to have the same problem that you are having.
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    R/O water question

    Everything will cost more in the coming years. Sooner than you think.......
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