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    420 Seeds - White Widow Max, in Canna Coco

    Please move to completed Journals. Cheers
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    420 Seeds - White Widow Max, in Canna Coco

    Well they after checking why @ 67 days they had not showed any further cola bud & development growth, I have now found out they have all turned hermie with one showing full on seeds. Bummer & pissed to say the least. The End....
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    What are Trichomes? Trichome 101

    Nice Thread, a must read for everyone:nomo:
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    Just For Fun Bagseed Grow

    Happy B'day Ms Foxy:31:
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    Lets talk fan / air movement

    ^ Yep + strengthening your plants too.
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    First grow{up coming soon}

    Hmmm I remember that stage, its where the fun begins:439: Nice lookin plants.
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    My first Hydro: White Widow

    Hi Mate, Lookin good & healthy As for those leaves I think you might find the tips were sitting on the soil earlier on, actually I can see it in your earlier photos. I had the same problem too with a couple of mine nothing to worry about. Cheers
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    First Grow with Aero :yummy:

    + Reps Nice setup & they are looking great, its so good to see people putting time & effort into there setups. Cheers
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    420 Seeds - White Widow Max, in Canna Coco

    Thx 4twenty, Stony, Charlie & Stoner Yeah I certainly get "smacked" in the face when I go in there lol :3: I'm not sure whether its the strain or Coco, Nutes or what but they are unusually bushy & have heaps of vegetation, but I have the five main colas + about 30 odd side branches nearly...
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    G 13 Haze

    Awesome grow thx for sharing +reps
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    My White Widow Adventure

    Oh No, I have to compete with this:adore: coming along nicely man, I can only hope to get colas like yours. & love the ingenuity with the box! Cheers
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