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    What's your favorite method of smoking?

    A spliff is a joint with tobacco in it, and a steamroller is a waterless bong essentially (theres more to it but thats it in a nutshell).... A bubbler is like water pipe essentially yeah. Hey its all good, I'm sure sometime down the road some new contraptions will be invented and i'll be...
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    Herb and Hookah

    Hey y'all, how goes it? So I'm sitting here in Biology 301C bored off my ass, daydreaming about smoking herb and not about the polarity of a particular atom and then a few questions started coming to me. Who better to ask than you all? Anyway, I got a hookah the other day (a fairly nice one...
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    What's your favorite method of smoking?

    Amen to that. Love the blunt cruise!
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    Master Chief :)

    Haha, my camera doesnt understand what a Date Time Stamp is.... so it said 1/24/2007.... hahah. I actually took those pictures last week :-p
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    Master Chief :)

    Hey all, how goes it? Replies to my recent post "Favorite Method of Smoking" encouraged me to go out and purchase a nice new bong :). Anyway I ended up dropping $350 on a solid ZOB Halo bong (with circular "halo" percolators). Anyway I uploaded some pictures so y'all can check it out and let me...
  6. Side View

    Side View

    Master Chief!
  7. Front View

    Front View

    Master Chief!
  8. Side View

    Side View

    Master Chief!
  9. Ash Catch and Down Stem

    Ash Catch and Down Stem

    Shot of the ash catcher and the down stem. Can also somewhat see the Halo shaped percolator.
  10. Halo Logo

    Halo Logo

    Halo logo and ice "pinch" as well as dome-shaped splash guard.
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    anti-detection kit

    I agree with Zolar, Ozium works wonders in covering up smell. They used it in Vietnam to cover up dead bodies (God Bless) so you can imagine how strong it is.
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    Hashish Help?

    Hey y'all, how goes it? I was wondering if it was possible to create hash in a toaster oven.... Im in an apartment and theres no real oven here, so i have a toaster oven instead.... If any of you guys know anything about this, let me know! ~Thanks Yackosheemi
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    Favorite Blunt

    1) Grape Dutch 2) Honey Dutch 3) Grape Philly 4) Strawberry Dutch 5) Swishers I love all blunts, so I'd smoke any blunt available, but those are just my top favorite.
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    What's your favorite method of smoking?

    Whats a knife hit??? I've never heard of that before.... hmmm.....
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    I love marijuana.

    <3 Da Ganja
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