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    Can't tell when to harvest!

    Ok so I'm two weeks from estimated earliest harvest date, but after plucking a few small under developed buds off and quick drying them for a friend to try( as I am on probation and cnt myself) My friend smokes quite a bit and said after only a few small hits off a stream roller he was...
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    Trimming, or taming question

    Over the last two weeks I have plucked quite a bit of the fan leaves off, most before the above pic. And it seems to have a small but possitive effect on growth, not as big as I had hoped but I can't exactly take its batteries and expect it to work faster now can i
  3. ZaineFyrBlaz

    Leaves in early stages have grey patches, but they disappear as the mature?!

    Yes lol, I'm on probation for a bs DUI I got before I turned 21, and am a bounty hunter for my brother in laws bonding company. Plus old friends from when I was a firefighter, friends from when I was on an ambulance, people I know from being in the inner circle of county politics and emergency...
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    Leaves in early stages have grey patches, but they disappear as the mature?!

    That's not an option as I have to keep the option of mobility. I'm on probation and a bounty hunter, I have many cops and other politically evolved people around many times a week. I appreciate the advise, but I think this particular suggestion , sry
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    Leaves in early stages have grey patches, but they disappear as the mature?!

    Also, any natural way to to feed p, I'm recently unemployed and have no funds do ferts.
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    Leaves in early stages have grey patches, but they disappear as the mature?!

    Its a good possibility, the afternoons here get anywhere between 75-85 or 90, gently transitioning over a week or more, but the nights can be from 55-70 with no transition at all. but Is this anything to really worry over though? As far as j can tell its having no effect in my plants growth.
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    Trimming, or taming question

    Thx, I have been plucking leaves here and there as I am in 2-3 week of flowering and noticed some branches are stretching out to get light on thier own and others are just hideing in the cluster fuck of smaller leaves hidden even more by the fan leaves. Useful info though thank you
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    Trimming, or taming question

    I know this is bad as the fan leaves are the energy makers if the plant but I've heard if the secondary branches are large and abundant enough they can take their place
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    Trimming, or taming question

    Ok here my info on the grow Bag seed of unknown origin or strain. Outdoor grow with only humus drain and light guano nute About 2-3 weeks into flower stage, topped into two main branches Growing in a 5 gal bucket with drainage hole in bottom, and air holes in sides. Question: I...
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    Week 4 update! info comments and suggestions please!

    Put it in a five gallon bucket with dime sized holes in the bottom and a few around the sides 2" off the bottom, Give a gentle veg fert and that little thing will blow up, looks very healthy aside from a little light in color, but that's not a huge deal!
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    Day 7 of 12/12, Female or Male?

    It looks like you have a male there, although I'm pretty sure I see pistols in pic 2? Maybe a hermie dude, I'd wait it out as hard it it is to do.
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    Soapy water

    Best pesticide I've ever used is a homemade mix 32oz water 1 tbsp dish soap 1tsp veg oil Seems like a weak mixture and a odd thing but it's worked perfectly on my ladies, even a infestation of little ass hole spider mites that neem oil had absolutely no effect on.
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    What should I do? Are they Sick? Please Help!

    Best I can say to do as a semi expireinecd outdoor grower is flush the pot(s) with three times the amount of water the pot would hold, looks like maybe 4 or 5 gallon pot so about 12 gallons , seems like ALOT but at this point it runs through the dirt and doesn't all stay. Also skip a water...
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    Need help plants have spots you can see through

    I would say it's a pest best without pics it's very hard to tell the problem. Post some pics and well figure it out :high-five::high-five:
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