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  1. Icemann420

    Icemann420 Seedsman And Max Bloom Grow

    Welcome everybody to my new grow sponsored by @SeedsMan and @MaxBloom. First off we will talk about the seeds. Seedsman has gifted me some of there new gelat og fem and some white widow fast fem photo cell seeds Description Gelat.OG is the culmination of bringing together two much-in-demand...
  2. Icemann420

    General Hydroponics Flora Trio

    Welcome my 420 family to my General hydroponics flora trio product review. At first glance General hydroponics is it your run-of-the-mill nutrient supplier they have an astronomical amount of product lines to suit every individuals needs from organic to a expert lineup. General hydroponics is...
  3. Icemann420

    Icemann420 Grows LSD 25 From Fast Buds In DWC

    We’ll hello there again 420 family. So I’m starting another journal for my newest hydro grow. Welcome lsd 25. She’s a fast bud seed from Oregon elite seed co. Description Crossing our autoflower genetics with the legendary strain LSD was no easy task. After years of...
  4. Icemann420

    Repurposed industrial lighting witch is best

    Ok 420 family I've found a shit load of lighting from my old shop and I'm concidering using one for a grow light I'm wondering witch type would b best here are the specs I have 120v 400w m59 high bay light setup Then I Have over a dozen 220v 250w metal Halid m58 lamps Witch would b...
  5. Icemann420

    Hydroponic Gorilla Glue In A 7 Gall DWC Setup

    Welcome all to my new dwc gorilla glue from growers choice seed co . I'll b starting in a 3 gall bucket. Then to a 5 and in bloom I'll kick it up to a 7 gall bucket. The plan is to do a scrog I've never done a scrog but y not try I will be using general hydroponic master grow with calmag and...
  6. Icemann420

    Omg I'm expecting

    Good day all I'm a new proud father of a gorilla glue from growers choice seed co she just poped so hopeful not to long from now she will make a lovely plant she will b going in a dwc setup hopefully I'm going to scrog it as long as I can produce a method of bucket swaps without having to move...
  7. Icemann420

    Going to California in search of new seeds

    I'm headed to the west coast for a vacation And was wondering if there was any seed shops you can walk in and make a purchase
  8. Icemann420

    Any Impressive Root Balls - DWC & Hydro

    Ok 420 family I wanna see some root balls. Lol show me your balls. We can discuss how to properly maintain and our methods of care. Air cfm stone size chemicles used. Let's get involved
  9. Icemann420

    How to upload a video

    Ok I'm trying to upload a video and it keeps telling me my file is to big it's only a 14 second video taken on a iPhone
  10. Icemann420

    What should I grow

    Ok guys I have a few seeds to choose from I have gorilla glue , white widow, purple kush,critical purple,tangerine dream all of them are auto flowers and from growers choice seed co and the white widow is a crop king . So what to grow
  11. Icemann420

    Kimbo virgin cold pressed coconut oil

    Me and the wife just whipped up a batch of this kimbo slice medical smoke into oil man it's amazing add 2 tablespoons to a cup of warm tea and enjoy the night
  12. Icemann420

    Help Understanding EC

    So I've just received my new ph /temp/ec meter. I used ppm for a while now but with this new ec pen I'm confused ‍ what's the translation to ppm. Do you use ppm or ec. And how can I educate myself on properly reading and understanding ec
  13. Icemann420

    Cal-mag before micro or micro then mag

    Ok I'm trying to figure the best method for this I'm running general hydroponic flora treo micro grow and bloom with flora blend and flourish Plus with. Call-mag because I'm using ro water . Now my last 7 grows I've done calmag after my micro grow bloom calmag Flourish Plus then florablend then...
  14. Icemann420

    Cal-mag issue?

    3 week old critical purple has hade yellowing since seed I upped my cal-mag and it seams to help but the issue is still there it's an indoor dwc grow using general hydroponic master lineup with cal-mag 300 watt led and a t5 light also ph is 5.8 and room temp is 72-78* I clean and refill the Rez...
  15. Icemann420

    3 week old Critical Purple leaf issue

    Ok my critical purple is 3 weeks old from seed and ever since germination it's hade a yellow ish look to the leaves new and old growth I believed it was a cal-mag issue but 15 ml on 2 1/2 gall Rez and issue has continued growth is slower then normal root growth is good
  16. Icemann420

    Iceman420 DWC Indoor Hydro Grow

    Welcome to icemann420's dwc grow using growers choice seed co. So we will b growing one tangerine dream and a critical purple.8Purchased 173 times this week. Tangerine Dream Auto-Flowering feminized cannabis seeds are the auto-flowering version of an Amsterdam-born, sativa-dominant plant bred...
  17. Icemann420

    What nutrients lineup do you use and how do you like it?

    So I've bin using General hydroponics for a while now. And I don't dis like it but I believe there could b better for me. First off I want a company that will work with us mj growers and give our plants what they need. I've used the expert grow packs of gh with every additive they make but I...
  18. Icemann420

    2016 - Icemann420 Grow Journal - Unknown Auto Flower Fem - 5 Gallon DWC Setup

    This is my first Dwc grow. I'm using general hydroponic flora series. I have a five gallon res with hydrotin and a 10 inch net pot with two 3inch air stones and a 300 gal per hour adj air pump I'm useing 3 inch rockwool plugs. I have a 300 watt Mars led grow light has 100 3w epileds LEDs 9...
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