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  1. Lerugged

    Welcome To The Table Mountain Sativa Spectacular

    Hi Growmies , Growmettes and everyone else. Welcome to the Table Mountain Sativa Spectacular. This journal will document my outdoor grow including cloning, breeding, lots of training and hopefully some fat buds at the end . So what's growing currently you ask? Currently there are a bunch of...
  2. Lerugged

    New member from South Africa growing pure Durban Poison

    Hi all New member here from South Africa. Currently residing in the Western Cape. I have Tourette Syndrome and have been growing for meds for about 25 years now. I grow almost exclusively pure sativas and landraces. I've started a grow journal to document my current grow as well as an I...
  3. Lerugged

    Landrace Durban Poison Outdoor Grow

    Hi all New member here. Been growing about 25 years now for medical purposes. About the plants: Both are pure Durban poison goodness. Seeds were left for me by a relative along with strains collected all over Africa in the 40's and 50's. Plant one is a monster crop from last year's harvest...
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