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  1. Magicdvdfarm

    Magic’s Canadian Grow Comparison Featuring Black Sugar

    Good evening 420. a lot has gone in my life in the last few weeks. from the one year anniversary of my daughters passing and the deaths of 4 of family members in the last 23 days plus a flood ..ugh. And I am sorry I have not been on here to check in it’s been one hell of a ride ok so a quick...
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  14. Magicdvdfarm

    Black Sugar In The Great White North

    My heart is will you Blue. Allways an asshat in the crowd. great update. Buds looking real nice. Roots are nice and white like my teeth. Hope all is well. Stay safe. Magic
  15. Magicdvdfarm

    Baron Von Blurple's Canadian Comp Featuring Black Sugar

    Looking sweet BVP. Filling in really nice. Can almost smell them. Cheers Magic
  16. Magicdvdfarm

    The Vault's Big 420 Competition Is Live Now: Win Free Cannabis Seeds

    @SeedsMan genetics are solid. Running 3 strains at the moment. Thanks @George from The Vault for another stellar giveaway. Magic♠️
  17. Magicdvdfarm

    BackLip Is Back With Green Crack & Sour Jack

    That’s one dam nice looking lady. “Insert cat call “. Great job BLS. I’m curious on the weigh in. Cheers. Magic.
  18. Magicdvdfarm

    A Canadian Comparative Grow With Seedsman's Black Sugar In Coco

    I’m running 3 Seedsman strains. So far it is the smallest buds of the bunch. And yes hope they pack on some isolation weight. Haha.
  19. Magicdvdfarm

    Early Urkle LED Grow

    looking great NLF. Going to be some dense buds soon. Great job for your first grow. Pat on the back. Magic ♠️
  20. Magicdvdfarm

    Magic’s Canadian Grow Comparison Featuring Black Sugar

    Thanks N. I love the lights out candid shots. Really makes them pop. The black sugar buds won’t be big as you have stated, and I’m in agreement. Hopefully they pack on the weight in isolation hahaha. Hope your Easter was awesome. Magic
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