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  1. AKgramma

    Cannabis Dust: Simple Consumption, Unexpected Potency

    Thank you for this thread! I am caught up. It is encouraging to hear that what I used to call "cooking herbs" (ground cannabis) is now called Dust. My dust recipe is dried leaves, pollen, pods,mini buds, left over mash, and shake, And I mix the strains in quart mason jars. So I have an ample...
  2. AKgramma

    Cannabis Dust: Simple Consumption, Unexpected Potency

    I assume the spoon is a tablespoon?
  3. AKgramma

    1 big light or multiple?

    When I was growing, in a 3 x 3 ft enclosure, I had 2 Mars 300's up top and 4 pairs of CFLs lower to fill any shadows. IMO, I think a micro grow cant let the plant develop to its fullest potential. You cant FIM and to make more colas, and you sacrifice head room. Plants need room to spread out...
  4. AKgramma

    So I quit smoking and growing

    You can ingest it, instead of smoking. It's a different kind of high, gentle, subtle at my doses. It does cut down on joint pain and calms me down. Great for getting a good night's sleep. You can just grind the leaves and popcorn buds and use it for cooking herbs or capsules. I also quit...
  5. AKgramma

    Cannabis Dust: Simple Consumption, Unexpected Potency

    It's probably in my perpetual grow journal. I'd go to the gallery and look for the pics using the tomato cages. I always pinch out the fourth node, and then when each branch grows 4 nodes, pinch out the tops again. When those 4 grow 4 nodes, the final pinching out will give you your 8 future...
  6. AKgramma

    Cannabis Dust: Simple Consumption, Unexpected Potency

    Not all my stews have fat, as I'm on a weight-loss regiment, so the capsules have Coconut oil as the carrier. I heat that mixture together just enough to melt the Coconut butter so I can get the mixture into the 00 capsules. Then I just pop them into the freezer to keep them fresh. My next...
  7. AKgramma

    LED lights

    After I graduated from CFL's, I bought 2 MARS 300's for a 2 ' x 4 ' grow area. I was very happy with their penetration through the canopy, their simplicity, and the delivery service. My later grows show what I got with the MARS 300's, which were only $80 each panel at the time. 135W draw from...
  8. AKgramma

    Cannabis Dust: Simple Consumption, Unexpected Potency

    This is very close to what I do for my cooking herbs. I don't decarb because when used in cooking, I figure the ground herb gets decarbed. And most of my stews and soups have enough fat to act as a catalyst. it's been a while since I made capsules (dust + coconut oil). And I got out of the...
  9. AKgramma

    Topping at the 5th node or before

    Topping them at node 5 is great if you have limited headroom, because you can top twice more at node 5 for more branches and higher yield, without hitting your lights. Just be sure to keep the inner part of the plant trimmed out for best light penetration.
  10. AKgramma

    5 Gal vs 1 Gal smart pot

    Roots space is vital. If you lack floor space, use rectangular household trash bins, which are taller and narrower. Drill holes in the bottom for drainage and use a good indoor potting soil with 50% coarse perlite (not the fine stuff in the small bags) mixed in. Good drainage is also vital...
  11. AKgramma

    Soil Grow Questions

    Find an off the shelf fertilizer for tomatoes and vegetable (I use miracle grow), as it has the most complete spectrum of nutes. For soil, I bought Black Gold indoor potting mix and combined it 50/50 with course perlite (not that fine stuff in small bags) for good aeration. You can revitalize...
  12. AKgramma

    LED lights for growing weed?

    White walls and white poly tarp worked very well for me over the 8 years I was growing. In my last cubby for growing 3 plants I used a double-sided emergency blanket; red on the outside and silver on the inside. this covered a wire shelving unit. total cost around $55 US for a home made "tent".
  13. AKgramma

    How long should flowering cycle be for? Also flushing

    What would Mother nature do if you were growing outdoors in a perfect environment? Less fussing is healthier for a good harvest. We bipeds tend to overthink the growing process.
  14. AKgramma

    When Do You Start Flower Nutrients?

    Cannabis is very adaptable. It is a weed under the right conditions. If you are afraid to commit the whole grow to a course of action, just switch half your crop to flower nutes after you switch the lights, and the other half, about a month later (after veg growth has stopped) . Compare the...
  15. AKgramma

    Preflowers looking like nugs? Normal?

    A good pic will tell the tale. I have had auto seeds that were sent along in a photoperiod order that showed a grape-like cluster very early in the nodes. If they are green with NO hairs, they are male. If you see paired white hairs emerging from each calyx, it is female.
  16. AKgramma

    Droopy leaves but looks super healthy?

    Some purple on stems is a genetic thing. Your babies look just fine! :cool:
  17. AKgramma

    How to get rid of spider mites on drying buds

    A toxin is a toxin whether the mold is dead or alive. It is deadly when inhaled. Better to make topicals for joint pain, than to put that sh** into your lungs. Molds shoot spores all over the place, and so the entire plant and perhaps your grow is contaminated, even if you cannot see them...
  18. AKgramma

    AKGramma Grows Autos: Current

    Just as an observer, Sue. The family quit coming to gramma's house for goodies, so I stopped growing, They prefer the pretty buds from the many shops we have. It just wasn't worth the cost in electricity and supplies and I dont have the energy for it anymore. I have enough ground cannabis...
  19. AKgramma

    AKGramma Grows Autos: Current

    it is strange how Murphy's Law steps in just when you think you have your shit together. right after I retired this Journal, my daughter decides to go back making edibles. She wants me to start the next batch. :rolleyes: So, that means I need to decide what to grow, refresh the soil, and...
  20. AKgramma

    AKGramma Grows Autos: Current

    Harvest is mostly dry. I have the buds in a closed container with a hygrometer to see if they are ready to be jarred. The leaves are ground and ready for storage. I have some space in a mason jar that I keep my ground herbs in. We will "add their distinctiveness to the collective." No need...
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