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  1. Rifleman

    DWC For Beginners

    It's been a long time since I scanned the FAQ for DWC growing and I'm seeing the same basic questions being asked over and over the years. It's these questions that scare people away from DWC. :nervous-guy: It's so simple a moron like me can do it, so I know y'all can too. Take a gander at...
  2. Rifleman

    Mars Hydro Discount?

    Anyone happen to know the discount code for members? I can't seem to locate it.
  3. Rifleman

    Chlorine and Chloromine

    Us DWC water heads know how much water a plant can drink in a single day. ;) I assume many are like me and have extra buckets of water sitting around letting the chlorine evaporate, unless you have an RO system. But what if your water company switches to Chloromine? It's my understanding...
  4. Rifleman

    Wanna learn DWC?

    I'm getting ready to start another dwc grow. I'll be reversing a plant for female pollen to produced feminized seeds also. Since I've had so many questions about the seeds I decided to do a simple "how to" so why not just include the dwc too. Come on by and have a seat, I'll try to take the...
  5. Rifleman

    Can Anyone Help Me?

    Soil or hydro ?
  6. Rifleman

    Petition To De-Schedule Cannabis

    A link from NORML petitioning the White House to de-schedule cannabis. We need 100,000 signatures. Help us out 420 Family. :Namaste: https://petitions.whitehouse.gov/petition/de-schedule-cannabis-free-plant
  7. Rifleman

    Rifleman's Roost Open 24/7: Perpetually Perplexed

    Happy New Year and Welcome to The Roost. Pull up one of the rocking chairs and cop a squat for a while, plenty of room on the front porch. If it gets too crowded I'll bring out the picnic tables and umbrellas. :) Instead of spreading my activities across several more journals, I thought it...
  8. Rifleman

    Chickens Rising

    There I was, sitting in a barn, drinking a beer, minding my own damn business. Was waiting on the old milk cow actually. She was late...as usual. She claims it's because she is slowing down in her old age, but I know it's because she is conspiring with the chickens. They think I don't know what...
  9. Rifleman

    DWC and autos

    Not a lot of activity over here. Everyone must spend all their time in the journals and faq. :) I've got another auto grow going, about half way through now. Tips, tricks, and criticisms always welcome. Questions? Need help? Feel free to contact me, I'll help where I can. -- Luke
  10. Rifleman

    Vote Ohio

    I'd like to urge all Ohio residents to vote yes on cannabis legalization this Tuesday. One more state legal, especially one so close to the draconian states of the SE US, will go a long way toward total cannabis freedom!
  11. Rifleman

    Help - Yellowing up top

    My big girl BK has started to show some yellowing in her top leaves. Her PH has been a little low this week, 5.6-5.7. It's only on the larger leaves in the top 25% of the plant. I'm thinking maybe a copper def since I'm not sure which PH range it gets locked out and it's on the upper leaves...
  12. Rifleman

    Three Auto Strains

    Current grow is 1 Bubble Kush Auto, 1 Sweet Tooth Auto, and 2 Quick One Autos. Stop in my journal for a look. The last bubble kush I grew gave me 11 zips and this one is looking larger than that. Loving my autos.
  13. Rifleman

    Bubble Kush Autos

    Some pictures of my first grow. I've got another one going. Which pheno will it be? Who cares! I'm gonna back build them and enjoy the grow no matter which one I end up with. LOL
  14. Rifleman

    It's Happening Again

    I've been gone for the Summer, but I'm back with another grow going. All auto plants this time. Two Quick One, One Sweet Tooth, and another Bubble Kush like I grew in my first journal, which ended as a two plant 18 zip grow. So sub up and let's get ready for another learning opportunity as...
  15. Rifleman

    Rifleman's - Multi-Strain Auto Grow - 600W - Hydro

    What strain is it? One Bubble Kush Auto(BK) from Royal Queen Seeds.(I've grown before, see journal in sig) Two Quick One Auto(Q1 and Q2) from Royal Queen Seeds. One Sweet Tooth Auto(ST) from Barneys Farm Seeds. Is it Indica, Sativa or Hybrid? What percentages? All Hybrids. BK is 10%...
  16. Rifleman

    Rifleman Returns

    Its time for another grow and as I gather the essentials my thoughts have turned to the things I already have in place...seeds. More specifically which ones to plant. I'm going to be running four DWC buckets under 600W(1K dimmed down) of HPS in my five by eight by eight tent. I have a small...
  17. Rifleman

    Rifleman's - Amnesia Lemon - 600W - Hydro - 2nd Grow

    What strain is it? - Amnesia Lemon by barney's farm Is it Indica, Sativa or Hybrid? - Hybrid, Amnesia Haze x Lemon Skunk Is it in Veg or Flower stage? - veg Indoor or outdoor? - indoor Soil or Hydro? - hydro Size of light? - 1000w running at 600w Is it aircooled? - yes Temp of Room? - 73F RH of...
  18. Rifleman

    Drying Advice?

    Drying room is approx 7x12', hvac vent closed, small fan blowing towards the ceiling about 4' above the drying rack. Temps are 62'-65°F, and RH 30%. Too cool? RH too low? Suggestions? TIA.
  19. Rifleman

    Nutrient Brand Change - Help please

    When I started growing I bought a quart each of Humboldt's Micro, Grow, & Bloom. After raising four plants for about 80 days now, I am running low on nutes, especially Bloom. So yesterday Big Brown brings me a shipment of Advanced Nutrients PH Perfect Micro, Grow, Bloom. :cheer2: The AN...
  20. Rifleman

    Newsmaxx Poll-50 state legalization?

    Should Marijuana Be Legalized in All States? 5277 to 508 so far... In favor ! If only our legislators listened to the people instead of the under table dollar.
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