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  1. Rifleman

    Tead's Indoor-ish, Winter, Hempy, OGK, SOG

    Betcha it is someone within a house or two that's watched you come and go.
  2. Rifleman

    Dark Devil Auto: A Community Grow Record

    Those seeds were all made in Jan 2015 if I remember right. I have had a hell of a time even getting what I have left to grow properly. Out of 20 in a bucket of soil I've had a half dozen pop. Of those 6 only 2 have managed to grow a second set of leaves. I may use those two and produce some...
  3. Rifleman

    What's wrong with my babies?

    Take a look at this link. It will help you get a handle on DWC and what is and isn't needed. Click This Link
  4. Rifleman

    Best Air Stones: What has worked for you?

    I don't use any airstones in my DWC. You can see in my journal that it doesn't keep me from some heavy harvests.
  5. Rifleman


    Root rot possibly. How warm was the solution in the reservoir?
  6. Rifleman

    What's wrong with my babies?

    Hydroguard is a must. Roots look fine. B52 will leave them with a stain, one of the reasons I no longer use it. AAMOF after many side by side grow experiments I've gone from using the entire Grand Master line to only using the AN pH Perfect m,g,b.
  7. Rifleman

    Dark Devil Auto: A Community Grow Record

    In DWC nearly every auto plant I grow shows sex between days 20 & 25. Stretch usually lasts up to days 45-50, and harvest is from day 85-105 depending on strain. DDA are a 90 to 95 day plant.... when I can get one to sprout their first set of true leaves. :eek: Yep, I haven't had a DDA...
  8. Rifleman

    Rifleman's Roost Open 24/7: Perpetually Perplexed

    :thanks: I'm happy it helped. I might tend to agree with the downtown traffic comparison today. I just finished water changes on eight buckets... in a 5x5. :hmmmm: Four of them will move to the 4x4 after the soil grow harvest. :11::11::11: yep, something I've never managed to do to any...
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  17. Rifleman

    Indica Inda Closet: Red's First Grow Journal

    Don't sweat the mistakes. We all make them, and others can learn from them. I'd be surprised to run a grow and not learn something new. :hmmmm: It's a never ending journey. :48:
  18. Rifleman

    Rifleman's Roost Open 24/7: Perpetually Perplexed

    It's another bacterial additive made by Flying Skull. In Canada it is called Z9. Using buckets like I do they sometimes get nasty inside. Coated with excess nutrients, and plant "sludge". Not thick, but visable when servicing the buckets each week. I usually wipe it out with a paper towel...
  19. Rifleman

    Rifleman's Roost Open 24/7: Perpetually Perplexed

    Awwwwww GDB, you know it's not that much work. :19: I tried to streamline my DWC method and make it as easy as possible for everyone. Even call it The Lazy Man's DWC, but it does take some more attention than soil... which BTW I am about to pull off my first real successful soil grow. 13...
  20. Rifleman

    Rifleman's Roost Open 24/7: Perpetually Perplexed

    Probably get by with it this time. But don't make a habit of premixing nutrients. Fresh mixed is always better.
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