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    Help - Veg flower veg & flower again

    I have 4 trees on the floor gg4 bluedream and 2 candyland were vegged indoor till april 10 when they went out side they are growing 1 finger leaves will this effect my yield should i give up on them they are still growing just deformed my other 2 are train wreck seed and a private reserve og...
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    Bucket cloner newbie help

    So i decides to make a clone bucket i have a eco264 submersible pump i am using olivias cloning solution and watermax cause thats what guy at the hydro store said i would need how long should i start seen roots has anyone used olivias cloning solution or watermax are tbey any good? And do i hp...
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    First timer

    Hey whats up peeps first year growing just looking for info or tips i can get fron any of you i have gg4 private reserve og blue dream trainwreck blue moon rocks Double tangie bannana
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