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  1. SofaKing Dope

    Sofaking Grows Lemon Zkittles, Dinachem, Purple Kush & More In Coco! Winter '19

    Welcome everyone! So im about to start another journal if i can shake loose the cobwebs and remember how to do so. The grow is already a couple weeks old, i wasnt sure i was doing a journal but im pretty excited about some of these strains so ive decided to go for it. Im gonna keep this first...
  2. SofaKing Dope

    SofaKing Grows Kushes For Your Tushes In Coco: 1600W HPS Summer '18

    Welcome! This is my 2nd grow journal and the summer humidity in the northeast is already becoming troublesome but here goes nothing! As of now i have 5 remaining plants that im going to flower. They have all been vegging for the last 2 months and with a little luck they will be harvested in...
  3. SofaKing Dope

    Hey everyone - I'm pretty new here

    Hello folks Ive been lurking around for a few weeks and i probly shoulda started here first. As usual im back asswards and already have a grow journal going. I can already tell the comunity is loaded with awsome people and extremely knowledgeable growers. Im fairly new to growing, but i...
  4. SofaKing Dope

    SofaKing Dope Scrogs Cinderella While Taming A Web Of White Widow In Coco

    Hello all this is my 3rd time adding this info i keep loosing all my work due to supidity so here the abbrieviated version Strains cinderella 99 and white widow from GCS Media- coco pearlite mix 70/30 amended with aprox 15% WC Nutes- heavy 16 full line. Roots prime fire veg a&b bud a&b...
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