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  1. wildjim

    Fallen Cannabis Warrior: James Long aka Bonsaiweed

    Semper Fi. We'll all miss you here. :rip: Love to your family from mine. WJ :ciao:
  2. wildjim

    Veterans for Medical Marijuana

    I've had severe PTSD for 50 years. DAV life member. Been using God's Medicine since 1968. Probably what has kept me alive this long. Come on FDA, reschedule Cannabis. Too many veterans choosing suicide because Cannabis isn't available for most veterans. :ciao: WJ
  3. wildjim

    The Cannabis Kitchen - Cooking With Cannabis

    So nice to come back and see all the goodies. I just have one cannabuttered toast every morning. Lasts most of the day and only 12 total Carbs. :ciao: WJ
  4. wildjim

    SweetSue Shows Off The GROWant GR480: More Light!

    Hello Sue! I am getting ready to start my Auto spring garden with GrowAnt 800. It has sunrise and sunset option, along with clouds rolling by. I am impressed with the buds from the GrowAnt 480. Hope my garden turns out as lovely as yours. :ciao: WJ Happy Earth Day!:green_heart:
  5. wildjim

    Cannafan's Perpetual Grow - Where Everything Changes - Autos - Photos - Seeds & More!

    Hope all is well with you Canna. :ciao: WJ
  6. wildjim

    Mars-Hydro LED Grow Light Discussion

    Hello Sara! Happy Earth Day! :ciao: WJ
  7. wildjim

    Cannabis Oil Users Cafe & Lounge

    Hang in there! My oil is always dark brown, almost black. :ciao: WJ
  8. wildjim

    Mars-Hydro LED Grow Light Discussion

    That sure looks sweet. How about a strain review on the Train Wreck. I am thinking about buying a few seeds. Thanks WJ :ciao:
  9. wildjim

    My experience with the Bonza Seed Bank

    I have used Bonza Seed Bank twice so far. Nice discounts. Never had any trouble or problems. Read directions to open mailer and it was simple. Used a few other "Banks" and lost shipments. WJ :ciao:
  10. wildjim

    Jeff Sessions Isn't Giving Up On Weed - He's Doubling Down

    Regret your vote yet? WJ :ciao:
  11. wildjim

    Fallen Cannabis Warrior: Jim Lacquement aka CajunCelt

    All my best and Love and Sympathy to the family. Sorry I could never come to visit with you in CO Pal. See you in Fiddler's Green Brother. :Love: :rip: WJ :ciao:
  12. wildjim

    True Or False: Republicans Support Legalizing Marijuana

    Republicans allow medical marijuana or recreational marijuana? Ha ha ha ha haaaa! Need to vote for Democrats in 2018. VOTE DAMMIT! WJ :ciao:
  13. wildjim

    Congressmen Blast House For Killing Medical Marijuana Protections

    Go ahead. Keep voting for those damn republicans. WJ :ciao:
  14. wildjim

    Trump's DOJ Gears Up For Crackdown On Marijuana

    Regret your vote yet? WJ :ciao:
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