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  1. Strive4Wisdom

    G 13 Haze

    yeeeeeaaaaah buddy!
  2. Strive4Wisdom

    Those who havn't seen what else Govt. Lyed about

    Monsanto (agricultural corporation) patented a genetically manipulated strain of corn that is resistant to RoundUp... No BS I watched a video on youtube. They sued some farmer becuase their corn was growing on the edge of his crop in some weeds. They had the patent and it was growing on...
  3. Strive4Wisdom

    The wierdest thing...

    It's obviously a blatent act of terrorism... lmao
  4. Strive4Wisdom

    Are you addicted, or is it WEED association?

    I dont like the word addicted. Its used way to generally. It should be only used in the medical term where it means you use a substance so much your body becomes dependant upon it to function properly. Noone has a physical dependency on marijuana, it's impossible. Saying marijuana is...
  5. Strive4Wisdom

    Pipe and Bong Names

    I had two 2footer Jerome Baker straight tubes... The 9mm with the diffuser was called: The bong And the 7mm with the ash catcher was...wait for it: The Other bong Our dog was named Puppy btw...
  6. Strive4Wisdom

    Glass Eye?

    Thats a trip. Tell him to get a hollow one with a removable plug/lid/whatever so he can put water and little mini fish in it. Fuck yeah.
  7. Strive4Wisdom

    Return letter from my congressman

    Write him a very nice letter back about how since alcohol has many more detrimental effects than marijuana and holds no medical value, when will he be voting to move it to a schedule 1 substance? If he's going to play the part of being concerned for the safety of the people, then ask what...
  8. Strive4Wisdom

    Death Of Man Tased Nine Times Ruled A Homicide

    How can you justify tasing someone in handcuffs? On a gurney in handcuffs? 19 times? 57 seconds long? Besides the initial rage and shock after reading this, I'm speechless. Holy S***...
  9. Strive4Wisdom

    Torco's Outdoor grow 2008

    We should start a poll when its getting close and see... I'm guessing this is gonna be one of the larger grow journals at 420...
  10. Strive4Wisdom

    Torco's Outdoor grow 2008

    How much do you estimate you'll get on average from the large ones? On second thought that pretty much includes the whole backyard so just a guestimate for the average yield per plant would be cool. . .
  11. Strive4Wisdom

    California to Legalize Weed for Everyone

    Well the whole point is legality for everyone so there is no black market. Theres no point in stealing if theres nowhere to sell it for cash.
  12. Strive4Wisdom

    California to Legalize Weed for Everyone

    You can defninitely turn this into a pharmaceutical enterprise, or large corporate conglomerate. We could tax it, stamp it, sell it, and make it another part of the American way of consumerism. OR We could grow it in our backyards next to our tomato garden and squash patch for free like...
  13. Strive4Wisdom

    Scary Times

    Mark Emery should be a candidate for the Nobel Peace Prize for the amount of cannabis people grew and shared from his seeds. ...or Nobel Peace Pipe, whatever's clever
  14. Strive4Wisdom

    G 13 Haze

    Cool man thanks for the response. Nice looking clones btw, nice and healthy
  15. Strive4Wisdom

    G 13 Haze

    Lovin it! How are the cool tubes workin out for you? I havent heard much good about them but seems like theyre rockin out just fine for you... Just curious on your opinion
  16. Strive4Wisdom

    California to Legalize Weed for Everyone

    ^ For real. Enough with the instigating, thats not what these forums are for.
  17. Strive4Wisdom

    California to Legalize Weed for Everyone

    No doubt. I'm from El Paso TX originally (first city to implement marijuana laws) so I know what it feels like. Cops will let you drive your drunk a** home if you get pulled over as long as you "be careful" (no joke it happened to me more than once) but rockin the ganj gets you a first class...
  18. Strive4Wisdom

    California to Legalize Weed for Everyone

    Mr. Jimbo- Dont let little muscle man bother you. Doesn't seem like a good idea to get so angry with members when you just started your moderator role. Congrats by the way.
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