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  1. Bean 7175

    Ms Bean7175 Night Shade & Blackberry 1st Journal

    Hello 420 This is my first grow journal. I have started 5 Night Shade & 6 Blackberry reg seeds. My garden is 12 days old and will be indoors. The seedlings have stretched and I had to tie them up. All 11 plants are being treated the same as of now. Pot: solo cups Medium: Fox Farm Ocean...
  2. Bean 7175


    Hello fellow growers. I am a 66 year old female. I have been growing for 7 years and still learning. My crops, I can only say are fair to good, but not what, I want. I want to say, I have a excellent frosty crop. I veg with 8, 4' T5 lights and flower under 8, T5 replacement to led's. I...
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