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  1. RRolex215

    My girl is rebudding

    I'm in Week 8 flowering Pineapple Chunk... she looks great but also looks like she is rebudding, what do I do cut... or just take it for what it's worth?
  2. RRolex215

    Indoor grow major bug problem

    Hi 420 members, I am in need of advise on what I should do with the pest problem I have. To start with Thrip, Spider Mites an Aphids. I have tried using insecticidial soaps, things seems to have worsen. this is in my flowering room, I am 5 days away from harvest on 3 plants...
  3. RRolex215

    NLB Auto 3 weeks flowering in Pistils burnt

    Hi 420 members, This is my 3rd indoor grow, and i am having so many problem with this grow! My 2nd grow wasn't a great one either. Could any one tell me am I over Fertilizing, over it's just a Sick Plant.. I had Anphids and spider mites problems early stage! The strain growing is Northern...
  4. RRolex215

    2nd Indoor grow Problems

    Hello my friends, i haven't posted in a while, been caught up working..... i grew " NLB", fisrt grow with Unknown Sativa...In which NLB was really good smoke, the unknown was weak, 11 flowering as well. Northern Lights Blue was a good choice to grow, i had very little trouble if any at...
  5. RRolex215

    When is it time to Harvest this unknown Sativa

    First time Indoor Grow; The Sativa is unknown.... I planted strain early January, sprouted Jan 13, June 1st will be 8 wks flowering... it's been along ride thru this winter, but we made it!!! I just want to know when it's time to cut this baby..... i had my problems along the way, however...
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