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  1. Fredwak

    High Desert Greenhouse Grow

    Hello @FelipeBlu and @BeezLuiz :48: Thanks for stopping by. I was really busy today away from my gardens till now. The wind is gusting to 40-50mph here. Lots of trellis work to do tomorrow. The Afghanis are really taking off and need to be trained and the AK-47, White Widow, Do si do, Durban...
  2. Fredwak

    Fredwak's 1st Low Budget Indoor Grow!

    Love and respect to all :48: Just a short update on the White Widow. All I can say is she's really spread out and looks healthy. I have a nice Afghani clone that will be ready when i chop the WW if my Gelato turns out to be male. Will update on the finished product of the do si do. I am...
  3. Fredwak

    FelipeBlu’s Outdoor Hempy Photos & Autos 2020

    Hi Felipe, Amy.... :48: Nice looking girls. I've topped my greenhouse plants and am training them kinda the same. I waited until there were more branches than usual. As a result, my Afghani are spread wide and look to be big producers. Is that seed a real red Columbian? I loved the Columbians...
  4. Fredwak

    Virgin Ground And The Little Star Asterion

    Hello VG. :48: Love and prayers for your friend and everyone really. You have an awesome vault! Stay safe and stay stoned.
  5. Fredwak

    InTheShed Grows Autos & Photos, Inside & Out: Jump In Any Time

    Hello Shed and all :48: I have a question. Why are some buds covered in pistils and some are just swollen calyxes? The ones with less pistils seem to be better. Is it age or pure genetics or what? Thank you oh mystic swami of the magic nugs.
  6. Fredwak

    Bandaid Haze #7 And Other Goodies

    I was really bummed when it happened but I feel better after seeing her just keep on keepin on. I had a laugh at your expense but my outdoor Afghanis are being LST'd right now and I wouldn't be surprised if they split as well. Thanks for the tips. :48:
  7. Fredwak

    Bandaid Haze #7 And Other Goodies

    HeyPenny,Joe,Stone,Sticky,PC. :48: I just jumped in here to say high and show a pic of my LST split White Widow. Guess I'll try elmers next time. Squeezed a little aloe in there and taped her up. Twisted the pipe cleaner tight after. Seems to be ok. Stay safe and stay stoned
  8. Fredwak

    Fredwak's 1st Low Budget Indoor Grow!

    Love and respect to all :48: Seems like the only safe place is in the gardens these days and even then you gotta wonder if the bastards will take it all away. Sorry for the pessimism folks, my meds haven't kicked in yet. The dos I dos had to go! Lots of amber. Made way for the White Widow that...
  9. Fredwak

    Amy Gardner of Eden: Perpetually Organic, Sour Bubba, DDA & Others

    Hullo Amy, :48: Just checking in and I gotta say, cool pics of the DDA! I was doing an LST on my White Widow and it split right down the middle! I dripped fresh aloe sap and bound it together with a pipe cleaner and so far it looks ok. I'll get pics later. Hope you all are well as can be. Stay...
  10. Fredwak

    Tincture recipes for MBM?

    Does anyone have any strong tincture recipes that I can use in my MBM?
  11. Fredwak

    Bandaid Haze #7 And Other Goodies

    Hi Penny, Chef :48: I've been making coco cannabis oil in a crockpot and tincture (a very slow process) for a bit and decided to spring for an MBM. Do either of you have any experience with it or know someone who does? Have a great afternoon.
  12. Fredwak

    BakedArea 2nd Grow Season 2020: Multiple Strains

    Hello Baked, Emilya. :48: It never ceases to amaze me just how resilient these weeds are! I just split the main stem down the middle of my White Widow in coco that's only been in the flower tent for a week. I was/am totally bummed about this but I dripped fresh aloe on it and bound it with a...
  13. Fredwak

    Derby's Fly By Night Photos

    G'mornin Derby, really sweet looking buds my friend. Stay safe and stay stoned.
  14. Fredwak

    High Desert Greenhouse Grow

    Thanks Felipe! Always room for more! Lol. How are you today? :48: I'm nicely buzzed on some of my Purple Punch. Nice heads up on the give away. Gracias amigo.
  15. Fredwak

    Dank's Adventures In Dankland

    G'mornin Dank and all :48: I sympathize with your landscaping duties, it rained way more than usual this spring so I've been getting rid of weeds and putting in veggies and stuff for a while now. Hi Corinth, I grow AK-47 outdoors every year. I like the creeper high and the big haul per plant...
  16. Fredwak

    Sticky's Almost Perpetual Grow

    G'mornin Sticky, Dank, Penny :48: Nice young'uns, stick. That pipe cleaning system sounds good. The solvent, iso maybe?will be the thing though. All it needs is a flow and screen system. I can only vape but I clean pipes and bongs for my honey. Stay safe and stay stoned.
  17. Fredwak

    Tired Of LED’s, Using The Sun To Grow Trees

    G'mornin LED. :48: I'm an outdoor greenhouse guy who has been trying a small indoor coco grow. I really like the tent but its nice to be back outside as well. I'm gonna pull up a hammock and a perpetual vape, maybe a few gummies and a glass of lemonade and watch the show. Stop by my journals and...
  18. Fredwak

    PCaddicts Second Grow Featuring Seedsman & Budget LED, Growing Amnesia Fast & Sweet Tooth

    G'mornin PC :48: You've done it! You figured out how to make cannabis look just like clover! Where do I get the seeds? I'm puttin in a whole lawn! Have a great day. Stay safe and stay stoned.
  19. Fredwak

    420’s 3 White Widow & A Do-Si-Dos Hydro F&D 600W MH 1000W HPS Grow

    G'mornin West and all :48: Nice nugs bud! I like the way you lay out your expenses. Hope you all and your loved ones are happy and healthy. Thanks for the shout out. I really enjoy your journals. Stay safe and stay stoned.
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