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  1. BeanTownFan420

    Seedling light experiment

    Lets see how close the light can be to a seedling and how fast it will grow in response.Day one three hours above soil bulb is starting at three inches from seedling.Bulb is regular size cfl.
  2. BeanTownFan420

    Cannabis to prevent deaths of despair

    What is your opinion can cannabis help those with financial and metal health issues beat back depression? And avoid suicide by substance abuse or self inflicted injury?
  3. BeanTownFan420

    Clean Bong

    Have you cleaned your Bong lately?
  4. BeanTownFan420

    Attaining apical dominance of side shoots on cannabis by simply removing large fan leaves from main stem early in flower, without needing to top

    This Hong Kong plant from seed was not topped i simply removed the fan leaves on main stem and the side shoots came right to the top of the canopy and attained apical dominance.
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