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    Plants look a bit sad: any ideas?

    I have a feeling I have over nuted. This is end of week 4 . In coco. Water a couple times a week with grow research. Under cali light works 2 x 550 solar systems. And input would be good.
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    Any ideas: won't grow

    this plant has been the same for 10 days wont get any bigger. Any one got any idea this would be.
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    Does this look like light burn?

    Just wanted to see what u guys think of this. Ive got 2 solar system cali light works 550s about 600mm above canopy... ive just moved them to about 900mm above. Let me know what u think
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    Do these plants look weird for end week 2

    Hey guys. Just wanted to ask if these look like normal growth for end week 2 veg, im running 2 550solarsystem cali light works lights at about 1m from canopy. It seems to me like they are short and bushy? I think the strain is white wid if that helps. Photos are end of week 1 and 2.
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