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  1. Fredwak

    Tincture recipes for MBM?

    Does anyone have any strong tincture recipes that I can use in my MBM?
  2. Fredwak

    First coco grow and I'm impressed!

    This is my first grow indoors in coco. Flora series, armour si and cal mag. This purple punch sprouted on Feb 14th. The dos I dos on the left, 2 weeks later.Stay safe and stay stoned!
  3. Fredwak

    Gettin' there!

  4. Fredwak


  5. Fredwak

    High Desert Greenhouse Grow

    Love and respect to all! :yummy: :ciao: I thought it would be fun to journal my greenhouse grow this year. Nothing fancy, bale of generic garden soil, bag of ffof. Miracle grow 1tblsp/gal. once a week, ff big bloom added during flower, cut back a little on the miracle grow. I had no issues with...
  6. Fredwak

    In hospital waiting for my wife to bring my gummies!

    :peace: :yummy::( Ok. Love and respect to all! So first I'm not in for corona virus! Copd attack that got nasty. I'm really posting to say first hand how our medical professionals are starting to wage war on covid19. This facility has been designated as THE covid19 center for the high desert...
  7. Fredwak

    It's great to find a couple of jars I forgot about

    :yummy: Wooohooo! Stuck back in the closet. Afghani on the left, on the right AK-47.
  8. Fredwak

    Giixer LEDs does anyone else use them?

    I bought a Giixer 1000w full spectrum LED for 69 bucks. I think it's awesome. No stretching at all. 24" away from these girls at 19 days. My tent is 36x20x62 " , in coco, GH nutes. What is the actual draw (110w I think) and would my buds be better if I got one more light for the flowering? :yummy:
  9. Fredwak

    First coco grow, sprouted on the 14th, how am I doing?

    :yummy: Love and respect to all. I would like a little feedback on how these look. Purple Punch 18 days from sprout. 70-30 coco,perlite. Started in rockwool cubes and solo cups, 1st transplant to 2 litre soda bottles. Might go to gallon milk jugs before ending up in 3 gal fiber pots. 1000w...
  10. Fredwak

    Fredwak's 1st Low Budget Indoor Grow!

    Hi everyone! Love and respect to all. So much knowledge and so many stories here! Thank you 420magazine for making this available. I've posted a few words and pics about my small greenhouse grow and making hash but I've seen so many great indoor tent grows that I wanted (and needed) to try it...
  11. Fredwak

    Homemade Afghani Hash

    Grew some Afghani and tried to follow the method used in Morocco to dry and age the cannabis. Dried slow and in the dark. Aged for a couple months and here we go;
  12. Fredwak

    Gerd relief!

    Over the past few nights my sleep has been interrupted by silent gerd. No acid reflux, just a lump in my esophagus that won't go away and throat contractions like trying to keep it going down but it doesn't. Very uncomfortable and forget about sleeping through the nite. Anyways, I made a cup of...
  13. Fredwak

    Almost ready to harvest, dark spots on leaves, help!

    These Afghani girls are outside in a open greenhouse. Dark spots on the leaves. What is it and will it affect my harvest next week? Thanks for any advice. Black fungus? The temps have been between 85-90 day, 45-50 nite.
  14. Fredwak

    LST'd Afghani in a small greenhouse

    This horizontal bud is getting fat!
  15. Fredwak

    AK-47 small budget greenhouse

    34degree N lat. Hot, arid climate. Seeds from marijuana seedshop. Generic baled garden soil mixed with Fox ocean. Veg fed with miracle gro, budded with fox big bloom. Cut these today.:yummy:
  16. Fredwak

    Trichomes through my microscope

    Took a piece off an outdoor AK-47 and scoped it and tried to take a pic with my phone. The trichomes look mostly clear.
  17. Fredwak

    Outdoor AK-47

    Used Foxfarms Big bloom during flowering. Stopped last week.
  18. Fredwak

    New here

    Hello, I'm in the So Cal desert doing a small outdoor grow, looking for tips from folks with more experience as well as conversations about anything else cannabis.:yummy:
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