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  1. Outoftime

    Strengthening up your plants for an outdoor grow!

    If you grow outside you will want to strengthen up your seedlings so that can tolerate the outdoor weather.
  2. Outoftime

    Boot camp for my seedlings

    I really recommend strengthening up your plants when they are little if you are growing outdoors!
  3. Outoftime

    Dry ice hash

    I made some hash using the dry ice method and different micron bags. If you haven't seen my video please check it out.
  4. Outoftime

    Marigolds for protection outdoor grow

    I usually use blood meal around the garden to keep pests and animals out like wolves, coyotes rabbits and squirrels. This year I am thinking of adding some marigolds too because I read that animals don't like marigolds. Has anyone got any other outdoor pest tips?
  5. Outoftime

    Strain question

    Does anyone know what strain this plant is?
  6. Outoftime


    Help! my plants baby leaf turned brown is it going to die? I never had this happen before, too much water?
  7. Outoftime

    OutofTime’s Outdoor Grow 2020 Acapulco Gold, Orange Critical & HaNNa’s Dream

    Outdoor grow 2020 Planted on Tuesday April 7, 2020 at 7 pm Born on April 12, 2020 Acapulco Gold Orange Critical HaNNa's Dream Stay tuned!
  8. Outoftime

    OutofTime's 2019 Outdoor Grow: Pyramid Seeds, Galaxy, Tutankhamon, Seedsman's Blueberry & West Coast Girl Scout Cookies

    Welcome to OutofTime's 2019 Outdoor Grow Tutankhamon by Pyramid Seeds Galaxy by Pyramid Seeds Blueberry by Seedsman Girl Scout Cookies Watch me grow!
  9. Outoftime

    Outdoor Grow Tutankhamon 2018 By Out Of Time

    Pyramid seeds Tutankhamon Mostly Sativa Ak47 Pyramid Shape I got 3 seeds from seedsman Planted in solo cups with Happy Frog I named each seed to keep track of them Tut was planted on May 8th, 2018 Ankh and Amon were planted on May 15th, 2018 May 22, 2018 is day 14 for Tut, Day 7 for Ankh...
  10. Outoftime

    Tutankhamon By Pyramid Seeds

    I am enjoying growing this strain. Planted on May 8,2018 the seeds took off right away and become very tiny little fluorescent green plants. I named them Tut, Ankh and Amon. When they were only 2 inches tall I put a oscillating fan on them to toughen them up. On June 9,2018 I put them outside...
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