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  1. Canuckush

    A Canadian Comparative Grow With Seedsman's Black Sugar In Coco

    Shortly after midnight at 12:30 am on New Year's Day I dropped 2 beans of Black Sugar from Seedsman. This is my first grow with Seedsman's genetics, I'll be growing in 3 gallon fabric pots of coco under a 1000 watt (205 actual draw) grow light. I'll be using GH trio nutrients and calmag. This...
  2. Canuckush

    Black Cherry Punch X Bop Tang Kitchenhawk Genetics In Coco

    :55:All is quiet on New Year's Day!:tommy: So I dropped 2 beans of black cherry punch X bop tang from @Kitchenhawk genetics at 12:30 am! These will be grown in 3 gallon fabric pots of coco with GH trio nutrients and calmag under a 1000 watt (205 actual draw) grow light. I will veg for 2 months...
  3. Canuckush

    Durban Poison Clones In Coco

    These were my first attempt at clones and growing in this medium, due to a couple of factors I had stunted their growth early in the grow; no proper nutrients, wrong ph, but once I had it sorted out it went well, I trained them low due to a small grow space. After a month of cure the buds...
  4. Canuckush

    PK 13/14 dosage use question

    So can anyone give some advice regarding the use of pk 13/14? I've read others that have had success no matter how it's used, on the bottle it says to use for 1 week only, others have used it in the 2nd week only or in weeks 2-4 and 7. And one grower said he used it very lightly throughout the...
  5. Canuckush

    Germinated auto seed in coco

    My first time growing an autoflower. I'll be putting a germinated seed into coco soon, should I precharge the coco with a quarter strength nutes solution? Or just with ph'd water? I plan on putting the coco into a 3 gallon fabric pot and the germinated seed directly into this sized pot because I...
  6. Canuckush

    Did I cook my seed?

    After soaking my auto seed for 18 hours I put it inbetween damp paper towels on a saucer, I added some water before I went to bed last night and put it on top of our stand up deep freezer because it was warm up there, well when I checked on it this morning the papertowel was absolutely dry! I...
  7. Canuckush

    First Time Auto, First Time DWC, Northern Lights

    This will be my first attempt with an autoflower and with dwc, it'll be a single bucket and I'll let it go naturally to see how this Northern Lights grows, there are a few things I'd like to do further down the line but I'll have other grows coming up. You can't learn if you don't grow. I'll...
  8. Canuckush

    HPS questions

    Is a 150W hps good for a full grow from veg, bloom and harvest? Is heat a concern? Is it an expensive light to run?
  9. Canuckush

    Prepping my first DWC questions

    I've been doing a lot of reading on this site and have taken in quite a bit of information, water levels, plant level in the net pot, temps, ppm, ph, ec and am wanting to try either a purchased kit or a diy kit, I'll be checking for local supplies to make that decision. I'm going to try a NL...
  10. Canuckush

    Old smoke, what was the name of the first one you smoked?

    Summer of '78, a few months before my 13th birthday, a friend's older sister asked if I wanted to get stoned, she said it was Hawaiian, it was sweet smelling, fruity tasting and got me very stoned for my first ever smoke! I wonder if that strain is still around?
  11. Canuckush

    Did this hermie?

    Found 3 of these on my plant over 40 days into flowering. What do you think? I did remove a couple of lower fan leaves 2 days ago and this plant has rust spots on some fan leaves.
  12. Canuckush

    Surviving on water only

    My DP clones have been in 3 gallon fabric pots since June 2, I've ordered canna A & B and the A arrived on the 10th, the B hasn't arrived yet!! Delivery date was supposed to be the 26th to the first week of July. How long can these survive without proper nutes? They're grown a little taller...
  13. Canuckush

    Indoor Durban Poison Clones In Coco, First Time Cloning & Using Coco

    This is part 2 of my first time growing my own, in my first journal they are Durban Poison in soil, I've taken 4 cuttings from the plants and 2 have survived. These 2 are from the same top of one plant that I accidentally broke. I started them in Jiffy pods and have now transplanted them in...
  14. Canuckush

    Indoor Durban Poison In Soil, First Time Grower

    Started to germ the seeds in a cup of water March 10th, then on a paper towel on the 11th. Planted the taproots in soil on the 14th, one seed is not ready. By the 17th all of the seeds have been planted in soil. The first ones in sprouted on the 16th. All are on a 16/8 schedule.
  15. Canuckush

    First time grower from Canada

    Good afternoon everyone, I'm a first time grower, taking advantage of the legalization of home growing in BC! I have some Durban Poison vegging in soil for 7 weeks now. So far so good, did a bit of fimming, wasn't sure about topping them so that's the way I went. Here's a picture of one.
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