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  1. bluter

    What Happened?

    anyone know why they locked up the mega crop thread ? can imagine a couple reasons... just wondered if one was given
  2. bluter

    So Who's Dropping Seeds At Midnight ?

    any one celebrating new year's by dropping seeds at midnight ? shoulda got organized so i could lol. curious if anyone is starting a grow to celebrate.
  3. bluter

    Bluter's Happy Home For Hilarious Hempsters

    how many lost internet folk you think are gonna click on this looking for hipsters or hamsters ? this will be the second 420 journal. hoping to make it the ongoing home. will be growing hempy style. straight perlite media in either 2L or 5L buckets. passive hydro style similar to coco...
  4. bluter

    The Mega Crop Thread

    i am switching up to mega crop. i am currently in hempy, and MC is gaining popularity in that grow style. it is being used for others as well. i am looking for anyone posting their experience with MC. of course hempy is more relevant, but i am interested in how it performs in any media. would...
  5. bluter

    Mites: in check ?

    curious if anyone else has had a similar experience.. i came across mite damage in my veg room yesterday. pretty heartbreaking but i've been expecting it. it is the height of the outdoor mite season here, and i have a real open type of environment, with passive ventilation to outdoor. they...
  6. bluter

    White Cookie clone disaster

    yikes ... :oops: i got two of these crashing quick... white cookie clone. about one week after transplant from solo cup. in hempy. feeding AN trio. micro, grow, bloom at 25% strength. 270ppm. on a feed/water sched. feed - day off - water - day off - repeat. the water side is RO...
  7. bluter

    deficiency or ??

    hi guys got a small deficiency or something other going on here. possibly an over feed but i'm leaning to a deficiency as i have a tendency to slightly starve my plants. i'm in mid to late veg, doing hempy in 4:1 perlite / vermiculite. feeding AN trio at 250 - 275 ppm, about 25% bottle...
  8. bluter

    Bluter Gets Schooled Hempy Style Winter 2018

    :slide::slide::slide: here it goes guys 2 strains : white cookies: 60/40 indica /sativa claiming about 19% ish thc content. told it's a bit bitchy to grow. cbdream : 80/20 indica/sativa at 6%/6% thc/cbd. been advised a 1:1 ratio is something i should explore for meds. more on that as we go...
  9. bluter

    PH Pen

    anyone point me in the direction of a half decent ph pen ? tried to calibrate the amazon special i got and it clearly was having none of it. i tested it against strips and a wet test and the pen is a world of fail. never used once. and good thing. guaranteed to kill your plants. won't settle on...
  10. bluter

    No Longer A Sponsor?

    i ordered seeds from CKS without checking the board, and now i see it looks like they are no longer a sponsor. i'm a bit chunked about it as i was rather hoping to stick with guys supporting the forum. i notice their little corner of the internet here is all locked up, but they still have a...
  11. bluter

    COBs and seedlings

    anyone have experience with seedlings / clones and COB lighting ? i have a citizen based cob light rig with a mix of 3000 and 3500 k lighting. it was built as an all purpose and has proven it's use in both veg and flower. i haven't figgered how to use it for clones and seedlings however...
  12. bluter

    Oh so wet: Simple RDWC build

    we got a pile of stuff here this is a dirt - er water simple rdwc system that you can piece together wherever you live. it is built to be expandable from one or two bucket sites, up to six or more, depending on pump size and distribution manifold. it is a very old design, and has been...
  13. bluter

    Jungle Juice anyone?

    anyone have experience with advanced nutrients jungle juice nutes line ? specifically thinking about their two part A / B grow, A / B bloom line. it was recommended locally and trying to determine if it's good or the shop was just trying to make a sale. i don't see the product on advanced's...
  14. bluter

    Hydro strains questions

    couple questions about growing in rdwc medium for medical with the kind help of friends i have been using a couple different strains successfully. unfortunately that is coming to an end, and i find myself in a position where it makes sense to grow again to ensure safety of product. leaning...
  15. bluter

    Bluter's shower space

    i've been kindly given some space to use. it's an area originally intended for a shower that never got built. over the years it was used as storage and filled with junk. i was given the go ahead if i agreed to clean out the junk and do a few other things. good deal. here's the space with all...
  16. bluter

    Ready, set - Grow !

    hi(gh) all. just checking in. i'm a previous mmj recipient and a long time enthusiast before that. circumstances have given me an opportunity to take a more proactive approach so i'm giving it a try. i'm interested in the mmj community and am getting a bit more involved. have a ton of...
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