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  1. AKgramma

    Slow Auto Berry growth

    According to everything I read, Auto Berrys are supposed to go from seed to harvest in 56 days. Mine are at 70 days with no sign of flowers. These seeds are 2 years old have have been stored in the fridge. They are otherwise quite healthy, but very short at approx 12 - 14 inches. Do I need to...
  2. AKgramma

    Long or shorter journals?

    What kind of journal do you all like to follow? 1) A long continual grow that ends up over 100 pages long or 2) A strain or training method - specific journal that is a lot less than 100 pages, and is retired as each grow/experiment is completed? The siggy will end up with a longer list of...
  3. AKgramma

    AKGramma's ATF-AFG Offspring Grow

    When I was rearranging my stored pots and bins on the bakc deck, I spotted one bin from the Harlequin grow with a number of seedlings in them. The seeds survived a deep freeze and have given rise to a concurrent journal to watch what I am going to get from the second generation of Harleys...
  4. AKgramma

    Bottom feed vs top feed

    I wonder: what is the advantage of bottom feeding (as in Octopots and hempy) over top watering and leaving the runoff in the catch pan under the pot? My plants eventually suck up the overflow, anyway, so standing water is not an issue. :nomo: Over the years I have read a lot about the two, and...
  5. AKgramma

    Replacements for CFLs?

    Now that the lighting industry has quit making CFLs, is there a suitable replacement in bulb form? After my supply of CFL's runs out, I still want to use my utility clip on lights (with socket doublers) as auxiliary lighting and to grow out seedlings. I shopped the new LED bulbs and got myself...
  6. AKgramma

    AKGramma Grows Autos: Current

    This journal will start with a transition grow: revegging my only Harlequin lady from which I harvested seeds, buds, and powdered leaves, trim and mini buds. When Miss Harley is close to harvest, I will pop a few Jock Horror Auto Fems. Due to the grow unit being only 3 x 3, the reveg will be...
  7. AKgramma

    Strain name for Afghani x Harlequin

    During my last single-strain breeding project, my male Harlequins pollinated a stray Afghani. Afg x Harlequin. Has anyone seen an established name for this cross?
  8. AKgramma

    AKGramma's Harlequin Soil Grow Fall 2018

    Starting off fresh with a new grow and a new Journal. STRAIN: Harlequin HYBRID: 75% SATIVA:25% INDICA THC/CDB: 2:5 ANCESTRY: Thai, Colombian Gold, Swiss Sativa landraces, with a Nepali Indica. FLAVORS: Earthy, Mango & Citrus MEDICAL OR RECREATIONAL: Medical use, mainly pain relief without the...
  9. AKgramma

    Pre-treating soil with neem?

    I have read somewhere that one can pre-treat the soil with neem to keep down the bug infestations. Anyone doing this? What is the formula?
  10. AKgramma

    Being spammed by Chinese users from watched forums

    I have had to stop all emails from Watched Forums due to being spammed by people using a long string of Chinese letters and from different universities. Below is a sample of the subject line, and the from line says: 420Magazine (r) <support@420magazine.com>...
  11. AKgramma

    One vs 2 plants in a pot?

    I am interested in your input. Here is my theory. I normally grow my ladies out in 3 gallon trash bins (tall and narrow). But I notice that their roots do not use all the space. I get a certain amount of dry yield, just under an ounce each plant. Would my yield increase if I were to grow...
  12. AKgramma

    Looking for fabric pots made in USA and delivers to Alaska

    I am having trouble finding a reasonable seller of fabric pots based in the USA, who will deliver to Alaska. I found one, but they wanted $50 to ship to Alaska! Any ideas? Do we have any 420 sponsors that meet my conditions? Do any growers here make and would be willing to sell them to me...
  13. AKgramma

    Where to post nominees for Nug of the Month?

    For the first time in 2 years of growing, I have a cola I want to submit for bud of the month. Where do I post it? Not only is it frosty, but is only 55 days from seed!
  14. AKgramma

    Clarification on feeding nutes?

    When we prepare the nutes as directed, for example 1 TSP per gallon of water, do we feed the entire gallon to each plant, or do we give each plant 1 or 2 cups of the solution? I have 3 gallon pots, and I only give each plant a cup or two once a week. I wonder if I'm not feeding them enough.
  15. AKgramma

    Swollen nodes and red stems - What strain?

    This plant was from one of the mystery seed sent along with an order from Nirvana. I've never seen this among the photos I have seen. Every Y joint has these swollen nodes and has bright green stems. There is some veg growing out of the swollen structures. Too early to tell what they are...
  16. AKgramma

    Removing photos from Gallery

    I have a number of photos in my gallery that are badly focused, and I didn't use them in any posts. How do I remove them?
  17. AKgramma

    What size pot to grow autos and what medium?

    I have read a lot on how to grow autos. Most people, including the breeders say to plant the auto seed in the pot it is going to be harvested from. Now, I have never grown an auto, so I have one question I can't find the answer to in the search engine. Taking in consideration how fast an...
  18. AKgramma

    Drying under low RH conditions - ideas?

    Every time I try to dry my harvests hanging them in a closet, they dry too fast and too much,in just 2 days, and have to be rehydrated. I have been cutting the plants down to smaller branches and hanging those. I once had a 2' x 2' cardboard moving box, all outfitted with strings and such...
  19. AKgramma

    Which is the best way to use 2 Mars 300's?

    Need some opinions: Next week my second mars300 Hydro will arrive. My inventory will include 2 Mars 300's and about 2 dozen or more 23 W CFLS in both daylight and soft white. I have 2 active 9 SF grow areas, one for veg and one for flower. What is the best way to use the mars units? Do I...
  20. AKgramma

    Mites and soilless grows

    Since I fight an unending battle with mites in my soil grows, I want to ask if using coco or other fiber plus inert additives will eliminate the mite problem? Hydro is out of the question because i cant haul water due to mobility problems.
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