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  1. nivek

    Ultimate hand sanitizer

    i use a tincture made with cannabis oil and isopropyl alcohol for pain in my arthritic joints,, hands and shoulders. i have been for a long time,, and it works great for pain,, not as good as the oil i make because the oil seems to soak in better but the nice thing about the tincture is that...
  2. nivek

    A shout out to Dope Seeds

    all too easy to complain about the negative , which i do a lot,, so a big thank you to Dope Seeds,, the recent photo contest prize givers,, Dope Seeds was the first to respond (without any need for provication),, the first to deliver,, cheers and thank you,, but,, the bonus here,, they...
  3. nivek

    I've a new light, but how bright? What's right? I'm a bit up tight! Request for insight

    heya friends,, yes,, tis true,, i have finally upgraded my lighting system for my upper level flower room a brand new growmau5 three puck led system, pumping 250 watts of beautiful white light so i just got er built, loose wires hanging still,, will be cleaned up,, promise it is a beaut, no...
  4. nivek

    Interesting 'real science' cannabis tidbits

    oh,, is it not interesting all the cannabis news and information in the media these days,, already,, now that the subject is not so taboo in canada,, so quickly anyway,, a couple of tidbits of real actual cannabis science that passed in front of my eyes in the last couple days.. actually, an...
  5. nivek

    Isopropyl alcohol and water mixture for spider mite control

    Heya friends,, cheers to ya for reading this I have a spider mite Issue And I have yet to find an even mediocre solution I have been reading up on all things spider mite control and as with everything info related these days,, the definitive info,, haha,, is all over the map I am trying to...
  6. nivek

    Niveks Canuck Kanook: A Perpetual Journey, 2018

    so it begins welcome, most welcome friends, nearly family now some of yas i have decided to begin this journal for the most selfish of reasons,, so my apologies before i get too far,, it is information that i seek,, and i know that you have some of it,, and i want it,, hence the selfishness...
  7. nivek

    my plant was put to flower on valentines day, harvested today on mothers day

    my latest harvest, today, a mama thai/thai stick, was a plant that i put to flower on valentines day,, feb 14 :circle-of-love: and today was harvest day mothers day,, may 14,, :circle-of-love: how special coincidence??:30::50: :volcano-smiley:
  8. nivek

    Journal To The Center Of Me Girth

    hello again friends,, cheers to you all,, you know who you are,, absolutely better than i do:35: here i go at another attempt to journalize my simple marijuana production facility, and at the same time i might just journalize my simple breath production facility that'd be me here is the...
  9. nivek

    Journaling Etiquette

    Someone really needs to start a thread on journalling etiquette, No one was born knowing how to write a journal, Writing a journal can be a very rewarding experience,, for one, one is writing,, writing means thinking, thinking is good, and fun. Not only is one writing, by posting it on this...
  10. nivek

    Rick Simpson's Cancer Cures Cannabis Oil Movement

    Rick Simpson's "Canadian Cancer Cures" and the Rising Cannabis Oil Movement By Paul Fassa Guest Writer for Wake Up World Cannabis oil and its variations have made mainstream news with its positive effects on various diseases, including cancer, a disease that conventional medical therapies...
  11. nivek

    Health Benefits of Cannabis Seeds - Hemp Milk Recipies

    The Health Benefits of Hemp Seed ... and 6 Delicious Hemp Milk Recipes! | Wake Up World
  12. nivek

    Table of contents for a journal?

    Heya folks,, i know the idea of a table of contents for ones journal has been discussed before, perhaps even solved?? I am starting a new journal and wish to provide some type of table of contents,, for the contents,, I wonder if the ultimate solution has been realized as of yet??,, i...
  13. nivek

    The Corner Where I Relieve Myself Of Some Pent Up Blather

    a work in progress hello friends, friends to be, and friends of friends,, :welcome: thank you so much for stopping by my little corner for a pee,k, a ponder and perhaps even a piece of yer mind,,:Namaste: i have been spending so much time perusing others journals and participating in a few...
  14. nivek

    My 15 minute bubble cloner

    :Namaste: this is an example of how professionally lazy i can be, this post i mean,, and the pics i post will prove the point i am wanting to build a small, two or three clone at a time, bubble cloner,, but have not yet got all the pieces together,, but i bought a new fish tank air...
  15. nivek

    Finding journal main points

    i have a very hard time finding my way around journals,, even my own. when the journal gets past just a few pages it is quite difficult to find pertinent information,, and, again,, i am even talking my own journal. i use my journal as a tool and i wish this tool worked better for me. is...
  16. nivek

    mini photography tutorial

    heya,, i wrote this for my journal,, it is not the ultimate tutorial,, but might help some undestand a few things,, please correct if necessary mr mr,, a post on your photography question MrMysfyt Re: Nivek's Need to Know Nature - First Grow Journal - 2015 Hey nivek, do you use...
  17. nivek

    the sex of this plant is confusing

    curious who might know what is going on with this afghani 'normal' plant,, trying to show me it's sex, but failing,, any ideas what's going on here,, new for me,, cheers
  18. nivek

    does the marijuana plant have an actual 'flower'? and is this it?

    i have wondered if there was an actual flower to go along with the pod type pistol producing features that produce all that great resin. so while i was pulling apart a piece of dried bud, this fell out, i have never seen this before. is this the 'flower' there is the flower beside the...
  19. nivek

    Age old marijuana mystery finally revealed

    a mystery to me anyway,, i am talking about the fibers one finds in their weed. i always wondered how they got in there,, well, i found out, with my first indoor harvest. little fibers everywhere. i guess they attach while the buds are growing and the bud grows around them,, guess i best get...
  20. nivek

    a marijuana story, salude

    I just wanted to tell a marijuana related story. me and the missus did a once in several lifetimes trip a few years ago, for a few years. while staying in Mexico, Rincon DE guiabitos, silly tablet, we pulled our 5th wheel trailer into a lot a fellow had in the back of his little apartment...
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