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  1. ColonelBlake

    RDWC top-off water question

    This is a silly question, but here it goes. I'm running a RDWC system with a reservoir ( 29 gallon tote ). This res feeds multiple 5 gallon buckets via a submersible pump which are in turn brought back to the res via gravity. Within this res I have a float switch that's plumbed to a 50...
  2. ColonelBlake

    Nutrient burn or deficiency?

    Hello All. Thanks for viewing my post. The problem that you see in the images is pretty widespread in my greenhouse. The only areas *not* affected are new growth. I'm growing in 20g fabric pots, watering every ~3 days, and using GH trio (+Calmag). For the past few weeks I've been feeding...
  3. ColonelBlake

    Cheapest Synthetic Nutrients

    Hi All. Thank u for viewing my thread. FIrst off, I'm a first time grower ( soil, large fabric pot ). I have a dozen legal plants in a greenhouse in MI. It's legal to grow 12 plants here. They are large plants, and nutrients, well, they aren't cheap :) I realize this is somewhat...
  4. ColonelBlake

    Yellowing leaves, soil, nutrient question

    Hello All. This is my first grow. I'm currently growing in a well ventilated greenhouse in Michigan ( legal 12 plant grow ). My plants are currently 6-7' tall. The specifics of my grow are at the bottom. I've been experiencing lower to mid leaf yellowing issues for at least a month now. It...
  5. ColonelBlake

    Noob with possible pH issues, soil

    Hi All. This is my first grow, and I've been experiencing some issues the past 3-4 weeks. I'd be very grateful for any constructive input. If I'm missing anything please let me know and I will try to quickly provide the info. I'd also be happy to provide more pics if needed. Grow medium...
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